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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving On

Dear Mental, it's been FOREVER since I blogged. Well, looked what happen?

Last term's in already and Summer has started :)

What a nice way to finish up life in Bellerbys. :) Although, the 'saying goodbye' part ain't much of a good thing. SIGHS. A few weeks ago I had to say goodbye to my awesome seniors and friends who finished their last term already. It was hard saying goodbye, I know that we would still be able to see each other when we come back to London in September for uni. Insyaallah :)

Speaking of unis, I for one am desperate in need for a place in a university. I have been rejected by 3 of my UCAS choices already, not to be over confident, but I didn't know that I would be at this state by July, -__-

Sighs, nevertheless, I am not giving up. Life's too short to just let everything go. I am still holding, or more like BARELY holding on. HAHA, So yeah, life has been very overwhelming these past couple of days. I would be lying if I said that college was easy. It's real life I tell you. It's just ready to get your guard down if you don't be careful.

Basically, what I've learned so far in Bellerbys is that:


And pray a lot :) HEE. So yeah. With a little bit of help from myself, Allah, family and friends, I am not surprised that I am still surviving in London :)

Okay dokay, since I have only a few hours left to move out from my old room to my new one, I should get going! :) Will update soon about my 'new' room. :)