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1st : Saras' 19th :)
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7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
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27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March Is The Month For March-ING! ;D

hye there.. to TasH! Why didn't you come to school? :O lol.. yeah.. hope you're okay! : ) so.. today... was.. a very moody day.... sadly.. well.. that's what I MYSELF encountered.. lol.. yeah.. My class.. got LECTURED by En. Hulam.. sadly.. :'''O yeah.. it was very.... SCARY.. uh huh.. it was just a few of us! THE OTHER 3/4 of the class went for MPPH Raptai... *that explains why i heard Pn. Ngau lecturing something at the hall on the microphone* LOL.. hahah.. yeah.. Yesterday.. was..the Environment Club meeting! l : ) i'm WEIRD! lol.. i'm in 2 clubs.. this and HU.. i LOVE both. Recycling Paper Project :D Yeay! Go GREEN people! loll.. Shiqin don'r 'perasan' okaaay that i sokong HIJAU.. heheh :P lol.. i OBVIOUSLY support KUNING! ; ) iLove Kuning : ) hhahah iLove! It makes uLove anything INSTANTLY! hahah..Lol.. of COURSE, PATIENCE is needed for THIS FEELING of YOURS to grow! ; ) yayayaya.. lalala.. lol.. today i had Bio.. lol.. to be honest i just got back from Bio.. it was normal! XD lol.. hahaha.. was sooooo DAMN tired! i dunno why.. but yeah... i OWE you Aaron Lim Jit Yang! lol.. XD he says he's ok. but nah.. we've known each other since form 2! so.. it's the least i could DO! lol.. well.. hahha.. it's me! yeah.. I CAN'T believe he REJECTED a STARBUCKS COOKIE! -_-" Wait! It ain't a SUBWAY cookie.. lol.. hahah.... hmm.. maybe i should i get him Famous Amos Cookies! lol... awww... this makes memories come flooding back! :''') lol.. hahhaha.. yeah.. i shall tell you later.. lol.. now i kinda have to go eat din-din! okaayy then! TA! : )

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Post, Same Day :) ; Making The Most of It

Hey there again.. just finish PINANO! lol.. ignore my 'BABY' talk.. i know my best friend Myra hates baby talk.. lol.. aww.. no one can blame her right! lol.. that's ok mye.. I get ANNOYED too.. lol.. XD Yeah.. and so.. it's the um.. third? night my dad's not here.. i just sms-ED him to buy my Iron Chef sister a Nigella Lawson Cookbook! <3>maybe Sash would SREAM if she knew! lol.. it's Sush.. she LOVES TO COOK! ;P HEHEH.. lol.. did i mention you're an AWESOME cook Sash? *lol.. nak bodek-LA Tuuhh.. hahahha...* yeah yeah.. i know i;m being PATHETIC! gagagga... Speaking of 'gagagagaga' I miss watching Ryan Higa on YouTube! Damn.... Speking of YouTube as WELL, i miss YouTube.. sadly my dad won't allow to download Flash Player bla bla bla bla... because it will affect the computer! lol.. yeah.. no point anyway.. my speakers have been gay since LAST YEAR!!!! fa-lalalalala TUL! loll.. ignore that yeah.. hmmm...i'm bored.. i should go.. lol.. random! Kristen Stewart is currently DATING Michael Angarano! Awwwwww..... ;) The dude who played 'Will Stronghold' in SKY HIGH! Awww.. that's CUTE! and i didn't know that Kristen is 19 when Michael is 22! lol.. XD i thought it's the OTHER way around! hahahha.. can you tell that i'm BORED?? lol.. okaay theenn.. TA!

I Know I'm Just A Fan, But I Miss You : (

Hye there.. i have approximatley around 1 hour.. or maybe 30 minutes before my piano teacher comes.. Sighs.. I am currently not feeling anything except for MISSING McFly.. : ( hahah.. it's not like i know them or something right? YEah.. go figure.. i dunno how else to FEEL! lol.. like that EVEN make sense... yeah... just to express MYSELF... lol.. ignore my BLOG NOW! For it is just a one of those very the random out of nowhere POSTS! Haha.. yeah here I GO!

Aww.. He looks like Garrett NOW! ;D *drools..* hahah. But i LOVE HIM! Garrett is SUSH's :D She sudah COP! :P

The CUTEST expression EVER! It's like SOMEONE JUST RIPPED HIS HEART OUT or something... kesian-NYE.. ;D

Hey, Skinnie! :'') See DIV! Dan CAN pull off SKINNIES!! XD

Yeah.. YAHOO! Clapp! :)

Guitar.. I miss his WHITE and WOODEN-like GUITAR! :P

Okaaay... i'm so DEAD.. i haven't practice YET! -_-" shall BLOG later.. i hope.. :P TA!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sore Eyes & Sore Lies

Hey.. today is the first day of school after the MARCH hols.. lol.. APPARENTLY my Facebook friend, Katy is going to have a time of her LIFE!. :O because.... TWO WORDS.. lol... ;P EATER HOLS! hahahha.. lol.. wht the heaven?? lol.. yeah.. i've been saying that A LOT not a lot of people who came to school.. Hm.. well.. to be SPECIFIC.. Illy Nur Ashikin, Diyanah & Fariza transferred to boarding schools.. 2 MRSM another to Sri Puteri.. WOW.. Congrats..Awww.. sure gonna miss 'em.. lol.. :'''O wawawawa.. haha.. had a lot funny moments in school.. I LOVE MY CLASS! :D yeay! lol.. ohhhhh! YESTERDAY wasss Niiiicce! Me and Tash went to Charm Cheerleading Championships! a.k.a C3.. lol... i keep thinking its This Century i dunno why? hahah XD.. Yeah.... sadly my dad went to London.. he's going for his trip for TEN faaaa-lalala-ING daaayss.. :''''''( sighs.. this sucks.. lol.. and I FORGOT TO PESANKAN Boys Like Girls' Read Between The Lines DVD! -__-" Mother-LA! lol.. <----- this is thanks to Ami!!! XD LMAO! hahha.. she and her MOTHER..... lol.. gagagaga.. yeah.. tuition was finnee too.. was dying through Chemistry.. i dunno why i was SO DAMN tired.. i didn't even do anything much for Rumah Kuning.. sighs.. i pretty much suck at EVERYTHING... the ONLY thing left is kawad kaki.. that also.. i would be holding the 'BEST' record for TANNEST member.. blleeehh.. lol.. yeah...wtv.. it's for kuning right??? lol.. hmm.... what else.... oH! I banned myself from Facebook! lol.. yeah.. i've been too addicted too it.. i know it;s a STUPID excuse.. but sorry.. i'm not like my other friends who can keep up with homework AND all this.. i just suck at it okaay.. and at least they know their limits .. I DON"T.. yayayayayayay.... O_O" Oh.. yeha.. gotta stay back tomorrow... and then after that i got GYM.. at least i;m going to release my TENSION there.. well... it's not like i release ENOUGH during tennis.. it's just everything goes SLOWER in the gym.. no rush.. When i get back out there to go back HOME.. everything is just like ZOOOOM! yeah.. i need a SLOWER life.. but.. kinda have to manage it SOMEHOW right... Baba asked me to join MSSD but... I LOVE YOU Baba but, sorry.. i don't think i can do it.. ONE: I still can't balance school so.. i can't exatly miss SCHOOL for MSSD.. never mind.. let the juniors go-LA.. i'm just not cut out for tennis anymore.. i shall fix my 'so-called' UNORGANISED life first.. then i'll follow through.. Yeah.. okaaay then it's getting late anyway.. Nitesy everyone.. I hope i can get through tomorrow.. XO NAH.. i don't think so.. sighs.. bye.. i need my Panda & Danny the Sheep :'''''(

Friday, March 20, 2009

I've Not Been Updating! :D

okaay... so today is a Friday.. lol.. SCHOOL HOLS are almost over.. yeah.. how sad? yeah.. like i didn't see that coming... hahha.. i haven't finish my homework YET! and oh my god... i OWE ASHIQIN MUSTAPHA her rumusan book! I;m such a bad mother-LA! lol.. hahah.. but i love you shiqin! ;D thaannks! ; ) i missed my BEST FRIENDS! ;D Myra, Tash, Sush! Oh Poh.. ;D ooohh oooh! Guess what! i know you guys won't them.. but.. Aini, Najwa, Ezzat & Anisa's birthday is COMING! YAY! ;D lol.. oh not forgetting the APRIL offsprings! hahaha.. don't think i just forget you like that yeah! :P Sadlyy.. yeha.. there's a 'SADLY'.. Sadlyy.. my ex-schoolmate & classmate Ezzat is in boarding school.. lol.. Happy Advanced Birthday anyways! : ) lalala.. yeah.. speaking of today.. lol. Friday is always a DAY where me, Div, & Sandra would look forward too.. i think ALL of US would looke forward to it because it's Mr. Saravanan's History Class! : ) YAY! lol.. yeah.. as per usual.. it's always awesome.. lol.. yeah.. especially after B.B. dudes joined in! It became more fun! ; ) yeah.. I didn't know B.B. guys were FUNNY! Apologies to B.B. guys, i always thought you people are just different! lol.. but i take it back! lol.. u guys are fun and awesome! :D YEah. and what else??? -_-"''' oh! Najwa didn't come again! *I should totally LOOK OUT for her blog for updates..* Hmm.. i don't actually have the need to call.. 'cause i think i;ll be calling at the wrog time or something! -___-" yeah.. i went to grocery.... i ate Maggi Curry.. lol.. i was HUNGRY okaaay?! i need something ot eat at leasT! lol!! oh now i remembered! We have a B.O. problem in Mod. Maths class! lol.. Miss Nirmala says that it's one of us girls!! O.o" oh dear! When she said that, i thought that it was ME! lol. well yeah.. she kept looking at me! -_-" lol.. seriously... i need to jage-jage also okaay.. manee la tau! lol.. i wonder who's the culprit! lol.ok.. i feel bad.. sorry... okaaayy moving on..LOL! what an irony! i am currently answering this quiz called "Which Disney Princess Are You?" and i had the song from Hercules in my head! :P lol. yeah.. speaking of Najwa didn't come today.. I haven't seen Varsha in a while now.. i hope she's fine.. OMG! maybe she stopped Nirmala! okaay.. i should ask her.. oh yeah... Brandon didn't come too.. maybe he went to see his brother, Nicholas in
Singapore.. it's cute to know that Miss Nirmala calls Nicholas, Nicky.. awww.. ; ) lalalal.... what else.. i guess that's all! yeah.. it's getting late anyway... i just got back from tennis lessons.. SO TIRING! what the hell... oh yeah! i didn't go to gym.. so i substitute it with TENNIS! well.. tennis is my passion anyway! : ) I LOVE YOU ROGER FEDERER! I LOVE YOU SERENA WILLLIAMS! <3

RANDOM! i CAN'T wait FOR WIMBLEDON 2009! It's going to be totally AWESOME!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Start Holiday-ING and My Love For Slumdog Millionaire :D

From E4 Skins to Slumdog Millionaire, i salute to Dev Patel! : ) Yeah, here he is as Anwar Kharral with Mike Bailey as Sid Thompson in Skins :D

That's Dev Patel NOW! lol... not much of a difference but he got HOTTER! :D lol.. yup.. A slumdog that's ADORABLE! :D

Hyee.. yeah.. today it's SUNDAY!!! :D Holidays just started.. i seriously feel like it's over.. lol.. i know i'm WEIRD!! like really... lol. ok.. welll. at least yesterday was fiiinee.. i guess la... i went to the hospital to visit my aunt... she was not well... AGAIN! Divya! I have NASI LEMAK guilt again! -_-" What the heaven? lol.. YES, i can't believe i ate nasi lemak AGAIN!lol... wht the?? okaaayy.. hahah.. lol.. not onyl that MY GUMS hurt! XB gaaah... my new tooth is coming out.. like why is it soooo late!!! -_-" lol... awww man i have tuition in a few. YAY! YEsterday was family night.. my sis took my family to Tropicana City! and we ate at San Fransisco Steakhouse.. i ate this Grilled Swiss Chicken Focaccia... YUM! :P lol.. but i only ate one SIDE and the veggies.. yeah.. and then... my sis so niiicee she downloaded SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! YAY! :D obviously you can tell that i'm at my HAPPIEST state! lol..YES! Slumdog Millionaire! i was so happy like hell! Ah... *drools over Dev Patel* Freida Pinto is sooo lucky.. lol.. wait! She's already engaged! lol.. haha.. Dev is just 19!!! ; )
Okaaay... ignore my love for Dev Patel! LOL! I guess i don't have to ask my to buy the DVD after all.. HAHA... lucky dad.. lol.. but he still have to bring me back other stuff like :
MCFLY's Radio:ACTIVE Tour 2008 DVD :D
that's is SOOOOO a MUST! : ) lol.. well yeah kind ahave to go already... Oh yeah.. speaking of getting something:
not forgetting Poh Lian's & Dirra's : )
okaay then.. i have tuition to go to... byeee : )

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homework, Gym, Piano, Tuition ; A Marathon of My Life

Halloo.. just got back from Giant.. lol! And guess what? I met Pn. Hasnah! ;P Yay! It was FUN! Of course Myra, Tash & Sush.. You guys would know who Pn. Hasnah is! lol.. : ) I Forgot how much i miss her tutions..after school.. that's what i'm always looking forward too.. lol.. haaa.. the goold old memories.. YEah... oh yeah! Happy Holidays! lol.. i don't think it's a holiday to me.. 'cause everything seem the same to me.. except for the fact that i'm not going to school in the morning for a whole FIVE days.. lol.. *weekend not included..* lalala.... school was okaaayy yesterday... We didn't study at ALL... after the Marhaban Session for the Muslim students, my class watched the gladiator for a whole TWO hours.. but still we didn't get to finish it... haha.. i have to agree wish Shiqin... Joaqin Phoenix is SOOOOO HOT! XD ahahha... but then again i prefer George Clooney than Russel Crowe! SORRY Russel... heh.. lol... Thenn... obviously after school was tuition.... Yasmin came... but Najwa didn't... oh yeah speking of Najwa..:

Izzatul Najwa Radzwan! Why didn't YOU come to tuition on FRIDAY?!
Lol... yeah..aiik! Purple plak?? adoii... TUKAR!!! okaaaayyy much better... lol.. yeah... So, basically after Mod. Maths i asked Yas to teman to go to Grocery & then she went home... I ate at the grocery waiting for time to pass by as fast as possible.. Said 'HI' Daniel Ong and David when they came in to buy some stuff... After that,, i decided to go up to the office and spend my time there... I sat inside the waiting room.. Derrick was there because he was TOOO noisy in class... so he had to do his work in front of Sabariah & Michelle.. Oh, btw:
Congrats Sabariah & Michelle for your SPM results! : )
Awwww man... kinda gtg... whatla.. well ok... nvm.. i'm going to update later! okay then.. TA! : )

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Time! :D

hye there people of the world! ignore my utter happiness! lol! :D Yes.. today is THE day that i've been waiting for! lol.. yup! it's :
Danny Jones' 23rd Birthday!
Happy Birthday Danny!
: ) <333
so now basically.. wht the hel?? lol... red font! Okaay.. lol back to normal! just dropping by to say that and to display and show how i MISSED McFly! Especially Danny! lol.. :D I know i'm being psycho.. but.. I'm a FAN! psycho one.. i can't help it! HEY! At least i don't STALK them okaay! lol... Can't wait for their next album! I know it's going to be AWESOME! Hell yeah.. lol : )

Awww! Behind the scenes of the 'Do Ya' music video! Soooo CUUUTEE! Tom & Danny.. so adorable! Eh, AEROBICS anyone? LOL!

Japan, Japan! lol... And SUNNIES AND HOODIES! HOT! lol.. IRONICALLY my dad just go back from Japan! haha..

Okaaay.. last PIC! Awww... Danny said it was freaky sitting inside the box! Pity him! lol.. But it's cute! : ) lol... okay then... I guess that's ALL! lol
Again: Happy Birthday Danny! : ) I know it's goignto be a great one! Duh! You're with you're MATES; TOM, DOUG & HARRY! They're AWESOME! :D
Ta. Nite.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Funny Things In School & New Haircut By My Baby ; )

Aww... my baby! Danny with his NEW 'DO! ; ) Cuttee! XD lol... Oh yeah! Danny's birthday is in TWO days! Yay! I can't wait! lol.. i wonder what Tom, Doug & Harry are going to give him! lol... I wonder... like seriously.. lol.. : ) lol.. RANDOM... hahah...
12th March 2009
in TWO days : )

Hallu.. i am now.. ILL... -_-" and OBVIOUSLY that sucks like a hell lot... I have diaorrhea.... :''O it hurts.. and to think that i wanted to go the gym today... and i didn't! I HAD A FEELING! lol.. okaayy.. fell asleep halfway through Physics homework.. now.. ALMOST done.. lol... need to do ENGLISH oral... Talking about ROGER HARGREAVES.. creator of the MR. MEN & LITTLE MISS : ) yaya! lol... haha.. My phone's ALIVE! yahhhooo... i didn't see Myra... But I called her.. lol.. very the funny.. lol.. i like Tash's classmates they're FUNNY! lol.. but then again, i LOVE my class more.. ;D lol.. sorry 4SC.. but we're NEIGHBOURS! Wht the hell??? i keep putting everything in CAPS! hahaha.. my fave habit of the DAY: saying "I MISS TRISHER" over and over again... lol... i guess i really do miss her! lol.. awww.... My class had oral... it was AWESOME! eevybody's topic was interesting... : ) good job Damai-ians! ; ) though it's funny 'cause in 1 WHOLE HOUR.. only 7 students out of 34 students did... lol... It was, Amy, Anarrin, Li Lian, Maegan, Marissa, Melsa & Nik! : )
K.. taaa... i got pinano in a few! I haven't PRACTICE! CRAP! lol.. k.. update u later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Annoyed, Annoyed, Annoyed, I'm Annoyed!!!!!! -_-'

Today... Is the most annoying day for me... woke up late.. rushed to the gym... trainer asked to do another ten minutes... =_=" DONE... then... did strectching... i DIED HALFWAY... it was DAMN sakiiit sial! Aduuuhh.... okaay. told mum that trainer was kidding about lunch.....but NO.. didn't believe me... grrr... then.. got blown off by trainer... -_-" NOT SURPRISED... sighs... had tuition... It was FUN than the gym... lol.. Miss Nirmala noticed that i lost weight! :'') yay! lol... what-la... thank you Uncle Shariff.. lol.. TORTURED IS DONE AND RESULTS ARE SEEN... haaa.. okkaay... moving onnn.. TASH SLEEPING OVER! lol.. : ) okaay have to do English oral... stupid DAMN printer ain't WORKING! gaaa gaaaa..... wht the?? how the hell am i suppose to explain to Pn Hoh again???? -_-" never mind... lol... sleepy.. i smell of tuna... still annoyed by TODAY'S MISFORTUNES... lalallallaa...

p/s: Don't forget to buy my KIWI bird yeah?? ; )
LOVE Bai : )

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here We Are Doing What We Do Best : )

Hello! i just want to wish everyone a Happy 3-Day Holiday! lol.. Yes.. because tomorrow it's a Holiday! Well not just any holiday, it's Maulidur Rasul! : ) Yeah... This is... lol.. well... i'm just bored so... this is what i do when i'm bored... i shall post random posts! lol... I'm just basically posting pictures that i took on Friday during break before History class.. Seriously.. this is US teenagers, doing what we DO best.. fooling around and doing stupid things that are funny and FUN! lol... here we go..
This is really random! ;D

I was sooo damn bored okaay.. So here i was taking a picture of Brandon's NEW WC Bag.. I love it! But Najwa disagrees... :O lol... i know i have weird taste for bags! XD

Oh! If you look closely, you can see a piece of lonely Kinder Bueno chocolate on the dirt around the bushes! lol! Yeah.. if wondering how it got there, let's just say that Najwa & I were talking while she eating her Kinder Bueno and we were laughing about something that her chocolate fell! XD I pity Najwa!

Okay, since i've been telling Myra and Sush about Najwa... Here she is! Yup that's Najwa Radzwan! lol... I was so mean.. I thought her dad was young & famous Malaysian fashion designer, Radzwan Radzwill! lol... Um... But i was WRONG of course! ;P Well i didn't know okaaaay! It coukd happen... But then again, In Najwa's words: "He MUDA lagi la kot!" and In MY words: "Mane LA i TAU!" : P Yeah... i shall explain further on what on earth she is holding... Mind you it's a TOY! lol.. : )
Okay... this is another very funny event that had happen on Friday... i guess this is what happens when teenagers are on sugar OVERLOAD! lol.. yeah.. Brandon was minding his own bussines in putting the TOY together when suddenly out of nowhere, Jai picks him up! lol... I know some of you wouldn't believe that Jai carried him because i took the picture halfway but seriously! Brandon's feet was off the ground! lol! Me and Najwa were like, :O! Yeah... and Brandon was so cool and macho as if nothing's going on... GUYS..

Okay KIDDIES! Putting A Toy Together 101 With Brandon Lau! ; P lol.. yeah.. here's Brandon trying to open the Kinder Surprise with the surprise inside after I failed trying to open it... what la! Jai broke the opener! -_-" lol.. that's okaay.. his thumb hurts! And May i say how AMAZED Najwa & Brandon were when they looked at the Toy. lol..

Okay...this explains how bored I WAS and how bored THEY were.. lol.. Wonder whta they were staring at? lol!

oh! Aww.. Jai's camera shy! lol.. that's sooo CUTE! lol.. Yeah... See that Kinder Bueno? Yeah.. there's a 'cerpen' behind it! lol... so here it goes.. yeah... Jai & Brandon walked to Najwa & me.. so.. He was like, "Can I have something to eat? hugry-la.." So me and Najwa, being the funniest kids i've ever known in my whole life went, "Here! HERE! Take my chocolate!" Najwa: "Eh, take my Kinder Bueno! I tak habis! I have anpther one!" Bai: "No!!! Take my one-la! My one kecik! Her Kinder Bueno is the bar one!" Najwa: "Don't Jai! Her one yang the sugary one! it's SWEET GILER!" Bai: :O Ah! SO mean!!! -_-"" Aww.. Jai take mine please!!! Please!! Jai: Okay okay! I'll take this one... *he said pointing to my one* Bai: Yay! Najwa: Ala.. : ( lol.. So yeah.... We just found out that a day before that was Jai's Birthday... so My Kinder Bueno was like a pressie for Jai! So, just wanna say, "HAPPY BELATED SWEET 16 JAI! :D"

Okay... this is the 3 people that have talked about throughout this whole blog.. And they obviously the FUNNIEST people that i've ever met in Nimala.. : ) And they're AWESOME tooo... lol... yeah... Seriously my Fridays Interval would be boring without them! : ) Thanks Najwa, Jai & Brandon!

Well, yeah.. that's basically it... just randomly posting a random post... LOL! I just got a phone call by Uncle Shariff asking for training tomorrow.. Damn. What-la.. kate demam, sore throat, flu semua.. apela.. lol.. never mind.. i need to get tortured anyway.. lol.. great, it's Maulidur Rasul esok and i'm going to get tortured.. WHAT?? lol.. okay then... i guess..this is all.. lol.. I forgot how muchi enjoy blogging that it'll take up most of my time to do other stuff! lol.. Nah. i won't blame you BLOGGIE! ur good.. i have time.. : ) In Mr. Saravanan's words, "Get everything dne by today, because there is NO TOMORROW!" lol.. Yeah.. k Ta!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Survived A Week of All The Misery Bussiness

Hey there! it's like... a LOOOOOOONNG time since i last updated my blog! OMG.. lol... yeah... i've been off because of exams.. just like Myra, i was on HIATUS... lol.. at first i didn't get what it meant because i thought it sounded like, 'HAIKU'! lol... hahah.. lol.... yeah....
About March Test.. i totally have no comment on that... like really.. All i can say was.. that this year was the first time that i cried before MONTHLY EXAMS... =_=" yeah.. I cried the night before CHEMISTRY & the night before ADD MATHS.... -____-" yeah... i blame myself though if i don't do well... ah what the heck... anyway... my mum says that it's better if you cry BEFORE than AFTER.... yeah... well.. i cried after Add Maths as well... how... not such a good feeling... but Ashiqin & Nik was so sweet to cheer me up! Here's what they did:

Nik: Awww... come on Bai! Here! Look at your idols! *Nik flips through my notebook and pointed
to the picture of Britannia High Cast* I don't think they were good in their Add Maths!
Me: That's so mean! Nik.. apela.. you never know!
Ashiqin: *laughs* Apela..
Nik: *Points to Matthew James Thomas' pic* He's so hot kan Bai?
Me: *laughs* LOL! Yup! SO hot!
Nik: Ashiqin, don't you think he's hot?
Ashiqin: *showing a disgusted face* Eew! Takla... Mane ade hot!
Nik & Me: What?? Jahat gile..
Me: Then what type of guys do you like??
Nik: Ni kot! *points randomly i don't know where*
Ashiqin: Eh! Mane ade la! Eeeh.. lol
Nik: Ala... u suke guys yang macam that dude from 'Pride & Prejudice' tu kan.. Ape tah... Darcy something?
Ashiqin: *drooling dreamingly* yeah! he's SOOOO HOT!
Me: Eh eh! Mr. Darcy! lol.. oh yeah... mase Sejarah kan... thank you Ashiqin!
Ashiqin: Eh? Knape plak?
Me: Mase tu kan diorang ade tanye, mane satu orang Barat yang another one yang support Gordon Childe right...
Nik: Oh.. ah ah.. that question! I pegi letak Ibn Khaldun!
Me: I pun terlupe... So I pegi look at you Shiqin, i teringat! Darcy Ribero! lol!
Ashiqin: Awww!
Nik: Yeah, i still naktau what kind of guys do you like Shiqin?
Ashiqin: I don't know man... Sometimes, in life you would question yourself about your interest for the opposite gender...
Nik & Me: Shiqin!
Ashiqin: *laughs* Lol! Omg! I can't believe i said that! Forget what i just said!
Nik, Ashiqin & Me: *laughs*
Yeah... basically that's what happen after Add Maths.... But yeah... random. lol... yeah... I miss McFly.. i don't exactly know what they've been up to.. so yeah... speaking of McFly, Dan's birthday is coming!! ;') Yay! He's turning 23! Awww... i'm so happy! lol... yeah... My dad's going to Japan tomorrow... sighs... Well... i'm used it... i hope he'll come back with cool souvenirs! : ) lol... yeah... i miss HTL! and BLG! ; ( ohyeah! i should ask my dad to buy BLG's Read Between The Lines DVD! and and McFly's Radio:ACTIVE Tour DVD! lol... yea... oh and also the Britannia High DVD Series 1 Part 2!!! lol... yeah... If only i can get my hands on Skins!!!! =_=" Damn it. lol... well... i don't think can get everything i want right! lol... speaking of Skins! Tash has it.. but sadly my laptop is too stubborn to even play it! oh yeah! that reminds me! Marissa's sis have Skins! aww... man. wht la!lol... yeah... i should go! I have a lot of thing to talk about... but sadly im not fast enough.. and it's like 10 o'clock! i have to go practice my piano! lol... ok then..... i shall update tomorrow! bye nites!