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Friday, March 20, 2009

I've Not Been Updating! :D

okaay... so today is a Friday.. lol.. SCHOOL HOLS are almost over.. yeah.. how sad? yeah.. like i didn't see that coming... hahha.. i haven't finish my homework YET! and oh my god... i OWE ASHIQIN MUSTAPHA her rumusan book! I;m such a bad mother-LA! lol.. hahah.. but i love you shiqin! ;D thaannks! ; ) i missed my BEST FRIENDS! ;D Myra, Tash, Sush! Oh Poh.. ;D ooohh oooh! Guess what! i know you guys won't them.. but.. Aini, Najwa, Ezzat & Anisa's birthday is COMING! YAY! ;D lol.. oh not forgetting the APRIL offsprings! hahaha.. don't think i just forget you like that yeah! :P Sadlyy.. yeha.. there's a 'SADLY'.. Sadlyy.. my ex-schoolmate & classmate Ezzat is in boarding school.. lol.. Happy Advanced Birthday anyways! : ) lalala.. yeah.. speaking of today.. lol. Friday is always a DAY where me, Div, & Sandra would look forward too.. i think ALL of US would looke forward to it because it's Mr. Saravanan's History Class! : ) YAY! lol.. yeah.. as per usual.. it's always awesome.. lol.. yeah.. especially after B.B. dudes joined in! It became more fun! ; ) yeah.. I didn't know B.B. guys were FUNNY! Apologies to B.B. guys, i always thought you people are just different! lol.. but i take it back! lol.. u guys are fun and awesome! :D YEah. and what else??? -_-"''' oh! Najwa didn't come again! *I should totally LOOK OUT for her blog for updates..* Hmm.. i don't actually have the need to call.. 'cause i think i;ll be calling at the wrog time or something! -___-" yeah.. i went to grocery.... i ate Maggi Curry.. lol.. i was HUNGRY okaaay?! i need something ot eat at leasT! lol!! oh now i remembered! We have a B.O. problem in Mod. Maths class! lol.. Miss Nirmala says that it's one of us girls!! O.o" oh dear! When she said that, i thought that it was ME! lol. well yeah.. she kept looking at me! -_-" lol.. seriously... i need to jage-jage also okaay.. manee la tau! lol.. i wonder who's the culprit! lol.ok.. i feel bad.. sorry... okaaayy moving on..LOL! what an irony! i am currently answering this quiz called "Which Disney Princess Are You?" and i had the song from Hercules in my head! :P lol. yeah.. speaking of Najwa didn't come today.. I haven't seen Varsha in a while now.. i hope she's fine.. OMG! maybe she stopped Nirmala! okaay.. i should ask her.. oh yeah... Brandon didn't come too.. maybe he went to see his brother, Nicholas in
Singapore.. it's cute to know that Miss Nirmala calls Nicholas, Nicky.. awww.. ; ) lalalal.... what else.. i guess that's all! yeah.. it's getting late anyway... i just got back from tennis lessons.. SO TIRING! what the hell... oh yeah! i didn't go to gym.. so i substitute it with TENNIS! well.. tennis is my passion anyway! : ) I LOVE YOU ROGER FEDERER! I LOVE YOU SERENA WILLLIAMS! <3

RANDOM! i CAN'T wait FOR WIMBLEDON 2009! It's going to be totally AWESOME!

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