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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let's Start Holiday-ING and My Love For Slumdog Millionaire :D

From E4 Skins to Slumdog Millionaire, i salute to Dev Patel! : ) Yeah, here he is as Anwar Kharral with Mike Bailey as Sid Thompson in Skins :D

That's Dev Patel NOW! lol... not much of a difference but he got HOTTER! :D lol.. yup.. A slumdog that's ADORABLE! :D

Hyee.. yeah.. today it's SUNDAY!!! :D Holidays just started.. i seriously feel like it's over.. lol.. i know i'm WEIRD!! like really... lol. ok.. welll. at least yesterday was fiiinee.. i guess la... i went to the hospital to visit my aunt... she was not well... AGAIN! Divya! I have NASI LEMAK guilt again! -_-" What the heaven? lol.. YES, i can't believe i ate nasi lemak AGAIN!lol... wht the?? okaaayy.. hahah.. lol.. not onyl that MY GUMS hurt! XB gaaah... my new tooth is coming out.. like why is it soooo late!!! -_-" lol... awww man i have tuition in a few. YAY! YEsterday was family night.. my sis took my family to Tropicana City! and we ate at San Fransisco Steakhouse.. i ate this Grilled Swiss Chicken Focaccia... YUM! :P lol.. but i only ate one SIDE and the veggies.. yeah.. and then... my sis so niiicee she downloaded SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE! YAY! :D obviously you can tell that i'm at my HAPPIEST state! lol..YES! Slumdog Millionaire! i was so happy like hell! Ah... *drools over Dev Patel* Freida Pinto is sooo lucky.. lol.. wait! She's already engaged! lol.. haha.. Dev is just 19!!! ; )
Okaaay... ignore my love for Dev Patel! LOL! I guess i don't have to ask my to buy the DVD after all.. HAHA... lucky dad.. lol.. but he still have to bring me back other stuff like :
MCFLY's Radio:ACTIVE Tour 2008 DVD :D
that's is SOOOOO a MUST! : ) lol.. well yeah kind ahave to go already... Oh yeah.. speaking of getting something:
not forgetting Poh Lian's & Dirra's : )
okaay then.. i have tuition to go to... byeee : )

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