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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Homework, Gym, Piano, Tuition ; A Marathon of My Life

Halloo.. just got back from Giant.. lol! And guess what? I met Pn. Hasnah! ;P Yay! It was FUN! Of course Myra, Tash & Sush.. You guys would know who Pn. Hasnah is! lol.. : ) I Forgot how much i miss her tutions..after school.. that's what i'm always looking forward too.. lol.. haaa.. the goold old memories.. YEah... oh yeah! Happy Holidays! lol.. i don't think it's a holiday to me.. 'cause everything seem the same to me.. except for the fact that i'm not going to school in the morning for a whole FIVE days.. lol.. *weekend not included..* lalala.... school was okaaayy yesterday... We didn't study at ALL... after the Marhaban Session for the Muslim students, my class watched the gladiator for a whole TWO hours.. but still we didn't get to finish it... haha.. i have to agree wish Shiqin... Joaqin Phoenix is SOOOOO HOT! XD ahahha... but then again i prefer George Clooney than Russel Crowe! SORRY Russel... heh.. lol... Thenn... obviously after school was tuition.... Yasmin came... but Najwa didn't... oh yeah speking of Najwa..:

Izzatul Najwa Radzwan! Why didn't YOU come to tuition on FRIDAY?!
Lol... yeah..aiik! Purple plak?? adoii... TUKAR!!! okaaaayyy much better... lol.. yeah... So, basically after Mod. Maths i asked Yas to teman to go to Grocery & then she went home... I ate at the grocery waiting for time to pass by as fast as possible.. Said 'HI' Daniel Ong and David when they came in to buy some stuff... After that,, i decided to go up to the office and spend my time there... I sat inside the waiting room.. Derrick was there because he was TOOO noisy in class... so he had to do his work in front of Sabariah & Michelle.. Oh, btw:
Congrats Sabariah & Michelle for your SPM results! : )
Awwww man... kinda gtg... whatla.. well ok... nvm.. i'm going to update later! okay then.. TA! : )

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