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1st : Saras' 19th :)
3rd: Sean San's 19th :)
7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
23rd: Semester 2 Opens!
27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

Knock Knock! Hello After Almost 2 Weeks... :D

hello.. hahah.. yeah.. it's a almost two freaking weeks since i updated huh? but this BLOG's not dead yeah? :D just in case poepl think it's dead. hahaha.. yeah.. so yeah.. been very stressed out lately.. because EXAM's around the corner yeah.. so.. being quite studious and hardworking nowadays.. i need sufficient sleep man! i shall quote All Time Low's new song, 'Damn if I do ya, damn if I don't!' currently in LOVE with that song! ;) awesome.. hahah.. oh yeah! I NEED TO GIVE THE SONG TO TASH! hohoho.. yeah, she's coming home today! WOOHOO! lol.. it's nice that she's coming home for my birthday! ; ) thank you dear... hahah.. yeah.. i have assigned Mye & Sash to be in charged of my INVITATIONS! ;D YAY! :) soo sorry.. no pressure dears! :D it's exam week neway.. kalau tak bleh this week, next week by Monday la okay? nanti i'm the cause of your result being bad! :O so yeah.. i'm planning just to have a normal party you know... the normal stuff.. :


So yeah.. i have invited quite a lot of people! around 18? 20? ni belum termasuk the people from the gym! A.k.a Uncle Shariff + Aunty Azura and the GANG! :P hahaha.. so yeah... i'm a very busy bee this month and last month! i'm going to busy in August as well... especially AFTER AUGUST EXAMS... yeah.. me and the Pencinta Alam gang have to help Shiqin for the 'CAMPAIGN!' : ) Woohoo! can't wait.. but there'll be a lot of work! and a hell lot of sacrifices!!! :O Desperate times, means for desperate measures! hahaha.. yeah.. STRESS much? hahah, yeah.. so i guess...that's sums it all up.. for the whole week of not BLOGGING! :D soo have paid my debt enough? : ) soo.. till then, Laterday, ta bye..

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Should, Should I?

I wanna feel weightless, and that should be enough.. thank you Alex for the lyircs... that is what i want so much right now.. this instance... i'm always torn between fun & priorities.. sighs.. shall do both the same time!!! :D LOL.... Procrastination is the least of my worries... hahha... but piled up work... is like my funeral.. what the hell how ironic... i need to get a life man... well.. i need to suck it up! And be ready for WAR! procrastination starts.. not later than TOMORROW! ahhaha... when school hits.. my 'PROCRASTINATION PROTEST' is on a hold... but then again...

I'm too lazyy! :O
You can't help to be lazy now can you? Hohohoh... lol.. what the?? so yeah... i shall quote a song:
"For your information, I love my demons 'cause they keep me company yeah.. i'm gonna love my new routine.. "
Saturday by Kids In Glass Houses
Bu then.. i hate my demons... they make me procrastinate.. duh! obviously i hate demons.. XD yeah... i made up my mind.. i'm just going to...
ta, bye.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

It's A Saturday, And I Don't Have Any Plans Except For Homework :O

hey there... i am not exactly doing anything other than this.... of course.. i miss going out with my friends... lol.. yeah.. very busy....high school's such a drag.. but it's those years where supposedly everything suppose to be awesome! i hope it stays that way but then again we have to let nature run it's course no? lol.. now it sounds more like being a teenager is a drag! haaha.. what the hell am i crapping about? lol.. deep much? lol. :P so yeah.. as usual i have been thinking a lot.... not exactly sure what i wanna do in life... currently enjoying but STRUGGLING in Science Stream.... a lot of people are planning to move to Sub-Science and Arts...seriously.. what the hell am I doing in Pure Science again?? :O Idiot.. Baizura.. you're such a douschebag! -__-" sighs... and another big stupid problem.. i haven't thought of what i want to be! =_=' sooooo..... conclusion: i have exactly no idea what the hell i am doing... i am basically a lost fisherman's boat in a sea or more likely a fisherman's boat lost between very big,shiny and expensive luxurious cruise ships! O_O"
Yes... that's how small i feel... oh well... i shall be motivated... even though i am THAT demotivated.. i CAN DO IT! hahaha.. lol.. i shall be my own mascot and i shall cheer myself to my goal!!! : ) The end much? LOL.. ta..... quote of the day:

We All Have Been Degraded, We All Have Been The Greatest : )

Friday, July 17, 2009

Energizer Bunny of The Week!

Hey yo! lol.. yeah... it's i don' know how long that i haven't blogged.. so yeah.. this week it ended AWESOME-ly if i do say so myself.. lol.. yeah.. it was an interesting and fun week! :) lol... well.. sadly it started off with me missing 2 days of school because i had fever! -_-" so yeah.. missed A HELL LOT! :O but i'm going to catch UP! :D lol.. yeah.. being optimistic for once.. although there'll be a lot of TEARS going through this process of CATCHING UP! :''( yeah.. so Wednesday was nerve-wracking! :O it was NOMINATION for RANGERS.. :B i nominated Myra for SECRETARY! YAY! lol.. so i was like laughing, "Mye! I just realise something!""What?""Now you can ask Izzul for help in secretary work! he KAN secretary! lol.. :D""LOL! ha ah! lol... " so then Myra nominated me for COY LEADER... i was nervous to wait for what were the assignments that we had to do... so yeah.. i was on the verge of dropping out from the nomination... but Myra insisted for me go for it! So yeah.. i shall do my best! : ) so next.. me, Shiqin, Jing Wei and Poh Lian were 'PICKED' to go for this 'TOURSIM QUIZ'??? :P lol.. so yeah... we went and we PASSED! hahahah.. so how surprisingly, I met with my old2 schoolmate Erique.... he got taller and obviously STILL smart.. lol.. i was not surprised he won... lol.. :) soo.. yeah! Hari Koko went well! my cookies got sold out! woot! Sash's Tuna Pasta... as usual i was delicioso! lol... yeah... so.. spent time with Mye and Athira and Amira and was AWESOME.. lol.. hahaha.. so ta bye nites...

Happy 24th Birthday Tom F. : )
We LOVE you dear... <33

Sunday, July 12, 2009

YIKES! Not Again.. :O

hey there.... just updating..i was bored after doing my Chem reports... so yeah... YUP.. YIKES NOT AGAIN! I have to miss school tomorrow because i'm having FEVER... -___-" this sucks yooo... sighs.... oh well.... so yeah.. i am tired, annoyed and numb.... can't actually taste or feel much... O_o" well... i have to go and eat my dinner before Miss Jeniffer come for piano lessons...



Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anxious and Eager :B

hahah.. hey... yeah.. according to the post title.. YES... i am ANXIOUS and EAGER to listen to Aaron's cover song for 'You Found Me' FULL version and the other song that i had requested that is 'The Great Escape' by Boys Like Girls!!! LOL.. yeah.. he said that he is working on it!! : ) YAY!! lol.. yeah.. i guess that's all.. ta..

Oh Dear.....


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It Went Well :D

Hey... i had a very well.... maybe a funnily successful installation!! :D hahaah... yeah... so all of us got installed.. and i was sooooo HAPPY!!! :) yeah... today.. was an okaayy day... but very.. stressed out by mountains of homework!!! -___-" soo yeah.. talked to Sash about it... she's going through it worse i think.. i pity her.. but WE'RE THERE FOR YOU DEAR! : ) yeah..... so.. i felt bad when she was EMO-ing.. so me, her and Poh Lian started talking about GUYS & Wall-E! :) so yeah.. that made all of us laughed and awe-ING about how adorable and cute and GENIUS the movie was!!! hahaha.. i love that OCD tiny robot!!! : ) yeah.... hahaha.... so yeah.. then.. i had Bio tuition as was FUNNY as usual... i pity Aaron.. *but then again like he cares about what other people think!* yeah.. the other guys in tuition like to mock his way of talking just because he has an ACCENT.. hey! he was born in Canada.. what'd you expect! lol.. Aaron gave me his iPod again.. i forgot to let Divya and Sand listen to his cover of 'You Found Me' by The Fray! ; ) it was AWESOME... i love Aaron's cover songs.. he's sooo TALENTED! :D yeah.. so yeah.. hahah.. okay..then yeah.. i guess that's all.. so i should go and finish my BIO! ta bye nites!!! : )

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Hye... Yeah... this month is VERY BUSY! lol.. that's what i think-LA for mee.. hahah.. lol... yeah... :


Sorry V.I. Scouts! BB Scouts invited us first : ) ohh!! and Ashiqin! I shall separate your COOKIES! you're ALLERGIC to PEANUTS! :D

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Think At This Rate, I'll Never Get Through This Week ..

yeahhh..i slept for 4 hours last night.... aaahhhh..... =_=" yeah.. i was spacing out in school... :O well.. in a way.. the 4 hours of agony but still pleasure was WORTH IT! because Roger Federer won WIMBLEDON!!!!!! : ) I'm so proud of you, Roger! although... i kinda pity Andy Roddick.. he was a good sport... : ) so basically yeah.. we have a new trainee teacher for English.... her name is Miss Seelan.. she's nice.... so.. today was the day of the Head Girl election... wooo! LOL.. can't wait to see who gets it!! hahah.. yeah..for Sivik.. my group won the best! :D YAYYY! hahah.. it was like we have to act out a scene of different types of cultures.. so yeah... My group got Malay, Nik's got Indian, Ashiqin's got Chinese and Mel's got MIX! so.. yeah.. it was dammnn funny!! my group did Hari Raya & Puasa, Shqin's did the Ghost Festival, Nik's did Deepavali and Mel's did 'The Xavier's Family'! Dedicated to Kim Xavier.. WOO!! LOL.. hahah.. yeah.. it was fun.. so yeah.... then.... what else?? oh.. i slept when i got back from school! so tired after that.., then i went to tuition.. met Satyan! LOL.. he's back! lol.. ahhaha.. yeah.. he looks good with the new hair... he should keep it like that.. hahaha yeah...sooo.. yeah.. at the end of class, Aaron told me to listen to his iPod.. he wanted to ask for my opinion before he post it in YouTube... i LOVED his cover of 'You Found Me' by The Fray!!!!! it's so nice.. he's voice was so awesome... :) i looooovee it! haha.. so yeah.. i guess.. that's all.. so yeah... oh... yeah.. well.. ok.. that's all.. ta bye nites!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm Torn Between TWO! :O

hey there.. i am currently watching WALL-E... XD it's soooo ADORABLE!!! :) yeah.. but then a few minutes is going to be the the LIVE coverage of Wimbledon's Men's Singles Championships!!!:O and it is going to be between ROGER FEDERER vs. ANDY RODDICK!!! WHOA!!! soooo yeah... i am wondering which one should i watch!!!! aaahaahhh.. yeah.. i seriously can't make up my mind... you know what nevermind i'll watch HALF-HALF!!! hahahah.. LOL.. okay then.. ta... bye!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rewind, Pause , Play ; WAIT! There's Nothing Else To Say..

Isn't the sight just PRETTY?hahahah.. yeah.. i miss those kinda moments in life.... : ( lalalala... lol... basically..i am being very boring lately.. my social network has like dropped to 0 % apparently i realised that i talk.. but not as much.... more like snapping at people these days more like it and being very bitchy.... i have ISSUES.. like seriously.. i don't exaclty know my problem...i guess i'm just annoyed by the fact that my eyesisght's getting bad....... :O sighs..........
I have nothing to blog these days.... i realised that nothing interesting happened a few days back.. but a not so quite an obvious fact is that, I've been really moody this week.. and that.. is not exactly not that good..........unfortunately.. i am not exactly in the mood to do anything now.. now i'm thinking twice of going for BB's Campfire... although... then again.. i keep saying that..ya Allah.. please don't make me think twice!!! :O i really wanna go with Myra to Sean's campfire.. i wanna support him...uh... had a very torturing stomach ache since 9pm till 12a.m!!! -_______-' aiyyyooo.. but i can still sense it's 'presence'!! XO i haven't been able to have ME time lately..... ;( yeah... been trying tocall Tash... but she hasn't seem to be answering.... sighs.... yeah...installation is coming.. haven't tried my FULL-U.. nor did i memorise the PRA.... oh and... i also need to find my perfect theme song... even though i'm like 6 months late.... hahahah...oh.. Daena dear, i saw your 'Gossip Girl' vid! LOL. it's cool! and funny! well... i guess that's then?? ta bye nites people

oh and P/s: Daena, was that other in the video Shazmeer??

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where'd You Go People?

hye there... this is dedicated to the people I haven't seen in AGES! : )

Natasha Nadiah...hey MUM! LOL.. i haven't seen you... : ( but you have your reasons.. boarding school... :O well.. we'll see each other SOON! : )

Daena Marissa...ahaaa... yeah.. you I haven't seen for YEARS weeiii..the last time I saw you was at Sushi King in Giant during Form1 I think! hahaha... yeahh

Albert Lim... you are coming back tomorrow!!! : ) YAY! Lol.. i miss hanging out with you-LA! Remember last year during Nirmala? :D

Edward Chung... ahh! YOU! I miss your artwork and the 'BEAUTIFUL' handwriting!hahah.. You like to give me that EVIL look!I miss that! LOL.. hahaha..weird.

Lim Ji Hau... Ji Hau!!!i don't exactly know what happen to you! LOL.. yeah..i miss our talks during the Portugal-Spain Trip! : ) and your pictures!!! AN Awesome photographer you are!

Emily Chew... hey you! haven't been online to talk to you! missed our Final Destination NIGHT! hahaha..

Adrian Choong... the last time i remembered you, you had the SPIKY hair!!! hahaha..won't be able to see you this year!!!

Fairuz Rani... my PRS during form 1!!! You we're also my pet sister!! thank you.. i saw you during 'I HAVE A DREAM'! you passed me! i guess you didn't see me... O.O" hahah..

Well.. so far those are the people that I could think of
for now-LA.. hahah.. okay then need to go to sleep!!!! NITES TA BYE : )

Uhh... Duhh... Am I Slow Or What?


I need it for my slow reactions to things... =.="

Seriously... Am i SLOW or whaaat??

I have ISSUES maaaaann.. :P