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Friday, July 31, 2009

Knock Knock! Hello After Almost 2 Weeks... :D

hello.. hahah.. yeah.. it's a almost two freaking weeks since i updated huh? but this BLOG's not dead yeah? :D just in case poepl think it's dead. hahaha.. yeah.. so yeah.. been very stressed out lately.. because EXAM's around the corner yeah.. so.. being quite studious and hardworking nowadays.. i need sufficient sleep man! i shall quote All Time Low's new song, 'Damn if I do ya, damn if I don't!' currently in LOVE with that song! ;) awesome.. hahah.. oh yeah! I NEED TO GIVE THE SONG TO TASH! hohoho.. yeah, she's coming home today! WOOHOO! lol.. it's nice that she's coming home for my birthday! ; ) thank you dear... hahah.. yeah.. i have assigned Mye & Sash to be in charged of my INVITATIONS! ;D YAY! :) soo sorry.. no pressure dears! :D it's exam week neway.. kalau tak bleh this week, next week by Monday la okay? nanti i'm the cause of your result being bad! :O so yeah.. i'm planning just to have a normal party you know... the normal stuff.. :


So yeah.. i have invited quite a lot of people! around 18? 20? ni belum termasuk the people from the gym! A.k.a Uncle Shariff + Aunty Azura and the GANG! :P hahaha.. so yeah... i'm a very busy bee this month and last month! i'm going to busy in August as well... especially AFTER AUGUST EXAMS... yeah.. me and the Pencinta Alam gang have to help Shiqin for the 'CAMPAIGN!' : ) Woohoo! can't wait.. but there'll be a lot of work! and a hell lot of sacrifices!!! :O Desperate times, means for desperate measures! hahaha.. yeah.. STRESS much? hahah, yeah.. so i guess...that's sums it all up.. for the whole week of not BLOGGING! :D soo have paid my debt enough? : ) soo.. till then, Laterday, ta bye..

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