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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Have A Lot On My Plate Now

Dear Mental,

I have been thinking about my future, I am somewhat EXCITED and I just wanna know how it'll feel like to be in uni!

HAHA, well, I guess I would have to gear myself up first.

I am SO NOT READY for uni life yet.

HECK, I am still going to be in college actually!

AHAHA, oh yeah, did I mention that I will be going for Foundation In Architecture in Cambridge Ruskin International College first :)

After 2 terms of that, then next year in 2012 only I will attend my degree of BSc(Hons) Architecture in Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford!

Oh and another tid bit info, Joshua's dad is from Anglia Ruskin! HAHA, AWESOME! But he studied law :) DAMNN.

HAHA, Joshua kinda showed me some of his photos in Chelmsford :D So I am pretty much loving it! But I am yet to experience the way of living in Chelmsford!

But I reckon it's pretty nice and just right for me. I like small towns. They're adorable. In a really odd way!

It's like Greenwich! However, Joshua said that Greenwich is like TOWN TOWN while Chelmsford is like a suburb -,- HEH? HAHA, sadly I can't really tell the difference!

Gosh, okay. EPIC FAIL. This is how bad my ADD is! I was suppose to work on my British Culture Essay but sadly, I am here blogging! HAHA, it's okay! Nowadays, these are only times that I can actually blog for real! :) Without feeling weird because there's nothing to talk about, so yeah. That's pretty much my life now.

Oh, and I think I really need a therapist. Or maybe I just need to see eye candy. HAHA, I need to have a crush again. My taste of guys is beginning to fizzle out. And that ain't good! HAHA. Need to keep on a look out for some fish!

Alright then, enough for me. Shall get back to my whatsoever British Culture Essay -_-


Monday, July 25, 2011

Am I Ready For The Future?

Dear Mental,

I have 2 weeks left of college, and that is so overwhelming yet surreal.

I am glad that I have survived it so far.

I still can't believe that I spent 90% of my life this year in London.

It still haven't sunken in to me yet.


As per usual, my melodramatic personality is beginning to creep out of me! Which I think ain't a good thing. But, I love drama, so be it.

Speaking of drama, after the long wait, I have been given an unconditional offer to CRIC/ARU for Foundation in Architecture and Bsc(Hons) Architecture! YAY me. Alhamdulillah.

This will totally never happened without my parents, friends, teachers, god and of course myself! HAHA.

But yeah! Nevertheless, I am still bummed that my campus ain't the Cambridge campus. Instead I got the Chelmsford campus! But I like it! HAHA, I HOPE I WILL.

At the end of the term after our exams, Joshua is nice enough to allow me to tag along with him back to his dad's house in Chelmsford, Essex!

Another good thing about Chelmsford, it's just 30++mins to London by train! WOOT. AHAHAH. and it's a nice quiet town! Hopefully it's like Greenwich :D

Oh and another BIG INFO, Harry Judd is from Chelmsford ^.^ and they always carry out the V Festival there! YAY. So, I have a feeling or more like I know my best friends will flip when they know that I got the Chelmsford campus :)

So far so good. :) Can't wait to accept the offer. Just waiting for mama and Kak Nia to sent me the important details in order for me to apply for accommodation as well!

Uni, I think I am ready?

Allah, what do you think?

Okay, get back to me later, ASAP okay? HAHA.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You'll Never Find Someone Like Me

I think I know what I want.

Maybe, I don't need it.

Somtimes, something that you want ain't actually exactly your main priority.

Maybe, I just say that I want something/someone just because other people own it.

Maybe, just maybe.

Only time will tell if this feeling will fade or whatever need that I want might just be fulfilled in the near future.

I guess so.