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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Have A Lot On My Plate Now

Dear Mental,

I have been thinking about my future, I am somewhat EXCITED and I just wanna know how it'll feel like to be in uni!

HAHA, well, I guess I would have to gear myself up first.

I am SO NOT READY for uni life yet.

HECK, I am still going to be in college actually!

AHAHA, oh yeah, did I mention that I will be going for Foundation In Architecture in Cambridge Ruskin International College first :)

After 2 terms of that, then next year in 2012 only I will attend my degree of BSc(Hons) Architecture in Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford!

Oh and another tid bit info, Joshua's dad is from Anglia Ruskin! HAHA, AWESOME! But he studied law :) DAMNN.

HAHA, Joshua kinda showed me some of his photos in Chelmsford :D So I am pretty much loving it! But I am yet to experience the way of living in Chelmsford!

But I reckon it's pretty nice and just right for me. I like small towns. They're adorable. In a really odd way!

It's like Greenwich! However, Joshua said that Greenwich is like TOWN TOWN while Chelmsford is like a suburb -,- HEH? HAHA, sadly I can't really tell the difference!

Gosh, okay. EPIC FAIL. This is how bad my ADD is! I was suppose to work on my British Culture Essay but sadly, I am here blogging! HAHA, it's okay! Nowadays, these are only times that I can actually blog for real! :) Without feeling weird because there's nothing to talk about, so yeah. That's pretty much my life now.

Oh, and I think I really need a therapist. Or maybe I just need to see eye candy. HAHA, I need to have a crush again. My taste of guys is beginning to fizzle out. And that ain't good! HAHA. Need to keep on a look out for some fish!

Alright then, enough for me. Shall get back to my whatsoever British Culture Essay -_-


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