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1st : Saras' 19th :)
3rd: Sean San's 19th :)
7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
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27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Because My Blog is DEAD.

kerana blog saya dah mati, THAT's WHY :( *please translate the first five words at BABELFISH if you DON'T UNDERSTAND MALAY :D*

I'm sorry. Haven't been able to continue my DAMN Project January. IKNEWTHISWOULDHAPPEN :OO
SO yeah. Shall make up for it!
or should i say,
Tooth Fairy
SO yeah. Need to do mod MATHS ;)

tabye READERS :)
may the BLOGATHON will happen ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project January : Day 17

Heyyo. Yeah. Day 17 :) So yeah. The topic is an art piece (painting, drawing , sculpture, etc.)

I was marvelled by this BUILDING since watching Britannia High! :) HEE. So yeah It is called 30 St. Mary Axe a.k.a The Gherkin ;0 HAHA. So yeah. The architecture is so AWESOME! The design is BEAUTIFUL ;') It is designed by Lord Foster & Partners :)

Next, is the beautiful Girl with a Pearl Earing :) She's so PRETTY! :) And of course the FAMOUS PEARL :) This painting was painted by Johannes Vermeer :)

My favourite art pieced building in none other than the famous La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. It is designed by Antoni Gaudi :) They had SKULL like hallways i heard. The unfinished hallways were also used during America's Next Top Model's Finale of Cycle 6 where it was against CariDee English and Melrose Bickerstaff :) And CariDee won! :)

And last but not least is The Scream paint, painted by Edvard Munch :) I guess McCaulay Culkin got his signature screaming face from this painting! Don't you think? ;)

off to go and study. :)
am i good or what? ;o

Project January : Day 16 Delayed :D

Hello. I feel so mean for cancelling my piano class. I wanted to spend time with my family. :) So yeah. I'm going to have it on Tuesday then :) HEE. So YEAH. DELAY AGAIN. What the hell?? OKay. Day 16 Songs that'll make you cry :'(

You and I by Park Bom (from 2NE1) :) I wanna say thanks to Mas & Lis for making me LOOVVEE this SONG. The video is so SWEET and SAD D';

Hello my opera boy :') HEE. Yeah. This is Danny Jones from McFly. He is currently competing in a new show by ITV in the UK which is called Popstars To Opera Stars! And he did AWESOME! :) i'm so PROUD of you. And like Sash said, he ended with the MJ MOVE. OH YEAH. =.=! HAH. So the song that I love so much from him is, Not Alone Live Version during MITO *Motion In The Ocean Tour* I JUST LOVE THE LYRICS ;')
Love you Danny! ;o

This is the CHORUS of McFly's song from their 3rd album, Motion In The Ocean (MITO) called Bubblewrap. It's so sad. D; I cried the first few times. The lyrics are just so sad. Bravo boys. :)

Lastly, is Boys Like Girls' Two Is Better Than One :') is so SWEET and SAD. Aww... Martin you're such an AWESOME song writer. :) He wrote this about a girl that he loved so much that he couldn't wait to say it therefore he let it all out through this particular song :)

off to Day 17!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Project January : Day 15 Delayed :D

HAHHA. Day 15 is interesting. Fanfiction? HAHA. I just have to say this:

Riverside Preparatory :)
nuff said (;

i wrote these words in order for you to read.
so WAIT.
Do you by any chance?
off to bed reader lover.

Project January : Day 14 Delayed :D

I was a bit lost doing this post and the one before. I just like to pick RANDOM out of the blue books. SO YEAH. HERE THEY ARE :) Topic for day 14 : non fictional books

LOL i should give this to my dad :) HEE. for his Palm Oil market :)

oh LC :) I want this BOOK SO SO MUCH :)

Russel Brand!!! :) I fell in LOVE with him more after watching The Big Fat Quiz of The Year on ITV! :) He's so FUNNY! :) And he's actually SMART in his WAY OF COURSE ;)

off to Day 15!!

Project January : Day 13 Delayed :D

Hello. Okay. Day 13 here. :) And the topic is FICTIONAL BOOKS ;) So here some that I found.

Remember the story Ella Enchanted? YEAH. It's from here! Haha. The one with Anne Hathaway :) So yeah. I love the story. Speaking of it, i should go watch again for old times sake :)

HAHA. Yeah so much for MOCKING Twilight :( Haha. This book seems INTERESTING. If it's really REAL ; i would so BUY IT :)

off to Day 14!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project January : Day 12 Delayed :D

Oh yeah. Whatever tickles me fancy AGAIN is on Day 12's list :) So here they ARE! I LOVE STICKERS. :))

You would've seen this picture in my last post. It's Sean's! Haha. I love this type of stickers! They're so CUTE and PINCH-ABLE. haha. ;D
Colourful waste products :)

oh how CUTE. Plush animal stickers!!! GRR.

oh COLOURS. :) I'm in HEAVEN ;)

ice cream. :) HEE. Can someone get me THESE STICKERS? Pretty please? ;)

oh WOW. Fruits. I would so eat them now :)

off to Day 13!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project January : Day 11 Delayed :D

Project January! I'm sorry that i've been delaying AGAIN! :O But that's okay :) Here's Day 11 : A photo that I've taken recently :)

I was having my Danny Jones moment ;) HEE. Yeah.. Mine didn't WORK OUT as PLANNED! ahha.. Danny's SHOT is WAAAY AWESOME-ER kott :) HEE. Yeah. I was bored. I went to Isle of Wight with my family so we were waiting for the last train home :)

Oh yeah. You see this everywhere in the UK. So yeah. Mind the gap! :) HEE. Malaysia should have this! I mean we do but like it's not as AWESOME ;D LOL. Sorry Malaysia! :D

I took this picture OBVIOUSLY in Rome, Italy. It was our first day in Rome. We wanted to visit the Colloseum but it was closed and we came too late anyway so yeah. There were so many police there because there was one of the tourists who lost their daughter! :OO

AGAIN the COLLOSEO :) In Italian :) hee. ;D The architecture is SO beautiful! :)

off to sleepp.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project January : Day 10 Delayed :D

hey there readers! at last i got my Project January posts on track :) DAMN. haha. So Tired ;) okay. so now is Day 10 a photo you have taken 10 years ago! WHOA. i was like 6? haha.. i don't think i was even allowed to touch a camera when i was child! haha. ;) So yeah this is a pic of me and my kindergarden friends during my friend's party.

It was Daena's birthday! :) hee. If you can spot 'em people who are familliar they are Asyraf, Prashana, Daena herself, me *at the back of her!* , Fatin and Krishi. Aww.. Our Candy Caned striped unifrom :) YAY. I miss being a child D;

life was much easier then when you didn't know anything.
off to sleep.

Project January : Day 09 Delayed :D

Day 09 is the photo I took :) HEE. i didn't know what photo to put at first but then, i decided to place Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura's newborn baby, Qayeisha Descynta's pic! :)

Qayeisha Descynta Bt. Ahmad Shariff :)

she's so big now! :')
tabye 0ff t0 Day 10!

Project January : Day 08 Delayed :D

A very quick one! HEE. Day 08 a photo that makes you sad. D;

Dear polar bear, i'm sorry because of us humans you're suffering. We didn't mean to. I'm sorry. We are doing tons of things to save the environment. I hope you'll get better. I pray that you won't melt away with the ice again.

off to Day 09!

Project January : Day 07 Delayed :D

Hello Sunday. I hate you because you're buddies with Monday. DAMN. HAHA. Okay. Just been updating my Project January. I'm STILL DELAYED. mother of jellyfishes. haha. Spongebob! :) Okay here is DAY 07 which is the PHOTO that makes me HAPPY :) in MY case, PHOTOS :)

Here I am.. During my Sweet 16. It wasn't big. But it was awesome and worth it :) I had my family and friends there: Myra, Sash, Poh Lian, Saras, Gon, Iman, Alianna, Aziatul, Pah, Sean and Izzul, THANKS AGAIN for coming :) You guys are awesome! Thanks to my neighbours too, Effy! Oh yeah and not forgetting Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura! :)

Wee. Thanks Myra for this creative work of art :) And yeah the girl on the card still reminds me of Syahidah! LOL. ;) Thanks for the pressie. I love the Element shirt! :) Thanks to Sash too for getting me GREEK Season 1! Thanks to all of you who gave me presents! :')

haha. This is Sean's work. he tagged me and his other friends on FB! In Sean's words:

4 Science Damai 2009 ; We Are The Cluster of Stars :) haha. YAY. LAMEllas in ACTION.

When Seemah brings her laptop to school :) haha. In the Chemistry Lab. Yeah. We were bored :) I LOVE OUR CLASS :)


Again, 4 Science Damai before Miss Seelan's departure :O We miss you TEACHER :)

Myra's openhouse 2009 :) YAY. haha. Met with Arina after how many YEARS? :)

My Sweet 16 group photo.
Thanks for coming again you guys :) <3

Tash :) miss you mum :) this was like during before PMR results :) TWO YEARS ago :) look how far we've come :D

TrEES Convention 2009 :) Wee. Kudos to Nad Abdul Harris for the photo! :)
L-R: Shiqin *Project Manager*, Me *Asst. Project Manager* & Amirah *Secretary*

Movie Day at Shiqin's :) I remember we watche I Love You Man and Pocong! We played Twister and Guitar Hero! :) YAY. Let's do it AGAIN Gon and Shiqin! :)

A few days before going back to Malaysia. With Abang Maje, Kak Lin Maira & Ezra. Wesfield, London. 2009. Miss you Maisarah and Ezra D;

off to do Website Report :)

Project January : Day 06 Delayed :D

Evening to y'all. Haha. It has been a SHORT WEEKEND. Like DUH. LOL.. haha. SO homework's almost done. So yeah. Updating my blog is my number 5 priority now! LOL. NUMBER 5! -.- So much for making it SPECIAL. but yeah. This is my Day 06 post for the Project January. So this time is things that tickle me fancy.. So i am kinda clueless about what that means.. But i think it's just those random things that make you go OOH. i guess.So's mine!

I have a confession to make:
I was once ADDICTED to TOASTERS :)

This is a pic of a toaster that I found last year. It prints out a LADY's FACE when the toast is DONE! LOL. Magic? No. It's TOAST.

Next is my dearly beloved, Sims 3 Limited Edition Toaster! Who wouldn't want to feel like a Sim in the morning eating Simlish Toast! ;) LMAO.

OMEGA. Lis would so LOVVEE this! haha. Yeah. It's SO UBER CUTE. I should get this for Lis on her birthday! haha. If i find one :) haha. Don't you just lovvee it Lis?

Ta da. Anyone loves HIPPIE? Yeah. This is a hippy toaster in design. :) So colourful and fresh! Doesn't it just wanna wake you up for morning good toast?

This is something that Tom would LOVE. The guys should get him this for his 25th birthday! haha. Myra get Tom this :) This is good for his Star Wars collection. :)

FROGGIE! haha. This is soooo DAMN adorable i tell you. :) I want this! Get me this for my birthday please? I miss eating TOAST anyway. I need some toast in my life :)
This so cute. A toaster popping in to say MORNING! :) I want thiss!! :(

Back to you...BOB. Haha. Dawson's Creek line :) I thanking Allah that life is not ONLY about TOASTER. Jeez Bob, get a life! :) haha. The NET is better!

Hee. The toaster from the movie, 'The Adventures of The Talking Toaster!' WEE. I miss watching it!

oh Garfield. You can never be wrong. ;)

Aww.. i pity this dude. Haha. He turned into a toaster and he can't turn himself back into a human! :O haha. Aww.

I want this PENDANT! so CUTE! :)

HOTDOG TOASTERS! COOL! :) i'll never see toasters the same way ever again!

And lastly. the glass toaster! :OO I want! then i can see it toast to its borwnly perfection! :)

off to Day 07 :)