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At the age where I'm starting to appreciate life more than I ever did compared to when I was back in high school. So, I'd say, give life a chance, and it might just surprise you in all sorts of ways :D

Everybody's Got Me Looking In The Wrong Direction

1st : Saras' 19th :)
3rd: Sean San's 19th :)
7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
23rd: Semester 2 Opens!
27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lonely and Bored... Even Maths Can Entertain Me Better :D

I've BEEN:
Yeah. So much for a LIFE. EXAMS' tomorrow. I miss my FRIENDS... Can't wait to you LOVELYS & LAMElla's :)
-let's run and jump 'till we go crazy and high on happiness.. oh yeah.. RUSH. What other feeling can top this HAPPY GLEE?-
ta LOVELYS & LAMElla's

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few Open House Pics :D

Hello Selamat Hari Raya *AGAIN* & Happy Deepavali everyone :) Yeahh.. my weekend was great :) Glad that some of my friends & cousins came to my open house :) Thanks y'all! hahah.. yeah.. basically I was FREAKING BUSY! Running up and down, in and out fo the house :O hahah. the only thing I ate was SATAY and A few pieces of ROAST CHICKEN hahaha.. I'm so happy that Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura brought Qayeisha! :) SHE'S SOOO ADORABLE :') Myra, Sash, Alianna, Aziatul & Saras came! :) Kak Zaza,Kak Keena,Sheira, Zaini, Fyra, Effy, Sasha & Ujang came too :) Thank you LOVELYS... :) Yeahh.. here are SOME of the pics... I just PRT SC everything! So LONG TO WAIT FOR THE PICS from the CANON to UPLOAD to BLOGGER =.=! HAHAH. Yeah.. here they are :

Yup that's Effy & I :) Kudos to Ujang for the pics :D

These pics that were taken by Ujang was taken in my ROOM in Ara..

Ohyeah! I did my Open House at the Ara House btw.. hahah.. yeahh.. SO MANY PEOPLE KOT DATANG :O

yeahh.. who else came? Oh yeah.. Ezain, his younger bro & his dad came... Uncle CB, Uncle CH, Uncle Mark & Mr. Wong came! hahhaa.. :)

Oh yeah.. Aunty Mazuin & Uncle Zahar came with Kak Jia & Anaqi :) Wan Muda & Uncle Raizan came.. but Uncle Zan didn't come, he SPRAINED his arm? i THINK.. haha.. Aunty Farah & Ben & Sara are in Aussie.. Aunty Fatimah Yeop came.. *the caterer for my Sweet 16 :)* yeahh... hmm.. OMEGA CHI.. I'm LITERALLY listing most of the people who CAME (O.O)" Oh so sorry.. AMPUN.. haaha.. I can't help it... Then Kak Aya came with husband bringing Alya & Mikail..

L-R: Aziatul, Sash, Myra & Me :)

L-R: Me, Myra, Aziatul, Sash, Myra's Mum & Myra's Bro.
KUDOS to Kak Tania for TAGGING me :)

okayy.. that's all.. MATHS BOOK is CALLING ME :O haha okay.. ta..bye

-those little details might be just the help you need to see the big picture.. or maybe you're just plain blind-

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't Stop Won't Stop Wordshaker Countdown :D

I can'r wait for their RELEASE :D ahhaa.. Oh well.. It's not like they will release it here in MALAYSIA... But that's okay.. SOme things are better off released in OTHER COUNTRIES.. :) CHEAPER in a way... TO THEM PEOPLE THERE of course ;D was Youtubing.. heheh.. And I saw this vid by Justin Bieber.. So CUTE.. but Ashiqin would so say that HE'S GAY.. haahaa.. he's a 12 year old who's an aspiring singer :) So adorable :D Love him! hahha.. yeah... Ignore me.. I AM SOOO ANXIOUS about NEXT YEAR ALREADY.. :B Finals aren't even DONE yet.. JEEZ. CHILL Baizura :) ahaha.... So yeah.. me, Sash and Myra have been concocting our own ideas for Rangers' Gathering next year! :) Since this year didn't happen, Sarah said we have to do it next year... =.=! Pressuring but yeahhh.... hahaha... Myra and I are also FREAKING anxious to find out if we got our respective posts' that we have 'APPEALED' for :O haha.. yeah.. can't wait! hmm.. lol.. what else? Oh yeah! My open house is coming in a few days! haha.. :) YAY. I hope my friends can come :) I hope Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura can come! Then I can see Qayeisha! ;) Awww.. baby.. hahah.. Yeah.. Sash might be staying over at my house! :) haha.. Greek+Books=AWESOME ;) hahhaha.... ok then.. ta people.. need to get ready for MAKAN :) people are coming to the house :) sooo yeah.. bye..

p/s: I miss Tash & Najwa :(

Monday, October 12, 2009

Smiggles and Coach :)

I might not be that satisfied about my Add Maths paper today... but whatever... i shall not think about it anymore... haha.. I shall concentrate on scoring for my paper one.. :B GRR. hahah.. Yeah.. Um, yeah. Haven't contacted Tash AT ALL.. SORRY DEAR :( well... at least she's coming home for the holidays.. that's what matters :) hehe.. yeah.. okay.. well... don't really know what to concentrate for Bahasa Melayu tomorrow.. I hope what Pn. Zainab taught us just a few weeks ago will come out.. 'cause it's still fresh in my brain... okay maybe NOT.. but OKAY-LA ;) haha.. yeah.. I told Sash about the invitation for Prom.. this year... APPARENTLY i got invited ;) haha.. I feel.. HAPPY! lol.. but then again a bit WEIRD... O.O Macam tetibe je ;0 yeah.. Pharvishaa invited me :) YAY. It's on the 22nd of December '09 at Renaissance Hotel and kwinky dink, it's my SISTER's BIRTHDAY! :) hahah.. maybe can celebrate there no? Then I'll be able to go to prom as well... thought of asking Sash, Myra & Tash.. you know.. saje.. for fun.. I go for the food anyways ;) hahhaa.. :D yeah.. but see first la if I'm not going to London yet.. yeah.. holidays in then.. :) DOUBLE YAY! hahha... Might be going to Rome & Barcelona.. if we have time :O but see if Dad's going.. gah. Dad seems to have his 'ANNUAL' conference in London, Brussels & Berlin.... jeez... Can't that man take a REST! ahhaha ..... but I'm proud of him... LOVE YA BAPAK ;) okaaayy.. I'm talking waaay out the topic.. yeah.. okay... i shall scoot along now.. need to get Kit out of the house.. he's falling asleep while I'm doing this! ta bye..Semoga berjaya untuk Bahasa Melayu korang :)

p/s: Dad bought me a PRETTY Coach sling bag ;) and SISTER bought me SMIGGLES' stationeries :) YAY.. and MUM bought me NEW TEES :) YAAY :) but:

-let's turn that frown upside down and find a reason to keep on smiling until another rain cloud passes by :) -

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dropped By For A Little Chat With Mr. Famrboy :D

hello.. yeah.. i was bored so i posted this up.... yeah.. this was Me chatting a little with Brandon about his WEDDING.. He didn't INVITE me! :O hahaha.. LOL.. yeah... just click at the pic to take closer look at the comments :)

ta bye.... Brandon seems GAY-er nowadays... Wow..hahaha funny.. he and wife are so 'CUTE' ;)
oh p/s: I just started talking to Maddie again since after the TP gathering! hahaa .. She forgot about me, and i forgot about her! :O whatever... hahah

-keep the birds flying free, 'cause without them flying I would never be able to imagine an unlimited freedom :)-

Greek Oh Greek :B

Hello.. yeah ignore me... I have been THAT addicted to Greek... not to mention Sash... well, she got it from me XD haha but she loves it! hahah Yeah... it's a DRAMEDY :) cool... i love DRAMADIES :) Drama + Comedy = satisfaction :) currently listening to Every Avenue's 'Tell Me I'm A Wreck' I miss EA.. hahha.. I think their new album is out.. lol.. It's not like they sell it here in Malaysia.. Lol.. but then again I'm NOT as RAJIN as Esmerelda to order online.... Nah.. Me and Myra agreed that:
1. We are not as rajin as Esmerelda :)
2. Parents would nag because we have to use their money to buy
3. The price will increase as they come in to Malaysia because of the freaking shipping TAX =.=
4. LAZY. :)
hahha.. so yeah... we'll stick to PIRATING :) Dahla Sash is known as Cheapo :) haha.. yeah... we are that LAME. But our lame is AWESOME :) Yeahh.. as you can see I'm slightly procrastinating on Bio books.... and anyway having my monthly sickness ain't going to help me concentrate 100% haha... I hate you PERIOD. I NEED to Read Bio.. but I'm just doing questions now.. later I shall read through the ones that I got WRONG. :) heheh.. I'm good.. I'm still studying.. Yeah.. I seriously can't wait to finish EXAMS *well of course i don't want to die but i just want to get through it ALIVE and in ONE PIECE :)* i wanna chill but we still have a few chapters for some subjects... So i STILL have to come..but yeah.. i DO want to school.. I find nothing interesting to do at home... Except catching up on sleep of course ;) hahah well okay.. ta bye.. Bio Books are calling my name :)

Oh Scott Michael Foster how me and Sash LOVE YOU so MUCH :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saya Rindu Awak Pasal Tu La :D

Hello.. Just a short one before I go off and blast my head Chemistry mega rays... hahah.. yeah.. I miss you Kak Nia.. pelik ah Kak Nia takde :O Even Bapak takde pun WEIRD! hahaha LAME. hahah.. okay.. this is not membodek okay? This is SERIOUS. hahah Serious la sangat kan? CHEH.. nudge2 I'm such an AWESOME sis ;) Well duh.. I AM. I didn't ask for anything from both my Dad and my sister.. I DON'T KNOW what to ask for that's freaking PROBLEM. OMEGA CHI. hahah.. yeah... So.. yeah... Uncle Shariff wants an iPhone... I might get it for him.. If he wants is it THAT BADLY.. I mean.. with Qayeisha and all.. and Aunty Azura ain't at work because she's still in LABOUR PAINS.. haha AFTER LABOUR PAINS... haha.. okay... AWKWARD.. yeah.. so.. i don't know if he still wants it.. See la.. :) I'm willing to! After what he helped me through this WHOLE year.. :) haha.. he got Qayeisha & Aunty Azura :') AW. ahha.. yeah.. okay la.. mum's in the room.. so i shall crack my head stuffing all of the things CHEMISTRY related hahah and Let's hope that I'll get through Chem tomorrow without shedding a TEAR. HA. Can't really guarantee that now can I? LOL.. okay Ta bye nites :)

Insyaallah,if I'll get good results for End Year Exams and I'll owe myself something :)
I miss you Kak Nia & Bapak :'O

Break Me To Pieces And Puzzle Me Back Again

I haven't played piano in a while.. I need to get back on track :O But exams are keeping me busy. So yeah. If i were to be that frustrated, I'm not surprise if my piano will look something like this someday.

-You look like a fond memory of mine, but all that's left are just words unsaid-

Saturday, October 3, 2009

MAS.... I'm Sorry! :O

MAS.. LOL. Sorry for scolding you yesterday! :B Ala... Don't la merajuk eh?
I didn't mean to!
I owe you LURVE dear.
Ok.. Ta bye. Mas is 'OKAY!' :)
See.. I remember your TRADEMARK ;)