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Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few Open House Pics :D

Hello Selamat Hari Raya *AGAIN* & Happy Deepavali everyone :) Yeahh.. my weekend was great :) Glad that some of my friends & cousins came to my open house :) Thanks y'all! hahah.. yeah.. basically I was FREAKING BUSY! Running up and down, in and out fo the house :O hahah. the only thing I ate was SATAY and A few pieces of ROAST CHICKEN hahaha.. I'm so happy that Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura brought Qayeisha! :) SHE'S SOOO ADORABLE :') Myra, Sash, Alianna, Aziatul & Saras came! :) Kak Zaza,Kak Keena,Sheira, Zaini, Fyra, Effy, Sasha & Ujang came too :) Thank you LOVELYS... :) Yeahh.. here are SOME of the pics... I just PRT SC everything! So LONG TO WAIT FOR THE PICS from the CANON to UPLOAD to BLOGGER =.=! HAHAH. Yeah.. here they are :

Yup that's Effy & I :) Kudos to Ujang for the pics :D

These pics that were taken by Ujang was taken in my ROOM in Ara..

Ohyeah! I did my Open House at the Ara House btw.. hahah.. yeahh.. SO MANY PEOPLE KOT DATANG :O

yeahh.. who else came? Oh yeah.. Ezain, his younger bro & his dad came... Uncle CB, Uncle CH, Uncle Mark & Mr. Wong came! hahhaa.. :)

Oh yeah.. Aunty Mazuin & Uncle Zahar came with Kak Jia & Anaqi :) Wan Muda & Uncle Raizan came.. but Uncle Zan didn't come, he SPRAINED his arm? i THINK.. haha.. Aunty Farah & Ben & Sara are in Aussie.. Aunty Fatimah Yeop came.. *the caterer for my Sweet 16 :)* yeahh... hmm.. OMEGA CHI.. I'm LITERALLY listing most of the people who CAME (O.O)" Oh so sorry.. AMPUN.. haaha.. I can't help it... Then Kak Aya came with husband bringing Alya & Mikail..

L-R: Aziatul, Sash, Myra & Me :)

L-R: Me, Myra, Aziatul, Sash, Myra's Mum & Myra's Bro.
KUDOS to Kak Tania for TAGGING me :)

okayy.. that's all.. MATHS BOOK is CALLING ME :O haha okay.. ta..bye

-those little details might be just the help you need to see the big picture.. or maybe you're just plain blind-

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