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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't Stop Won't Stop Wordshaker Countdown :D

I can'r wait for their RELEASE :D ahhaa.. Oh well.. It's not like they will release it here in MALAYSIA... But that's okay.. SOme things are better off released in OTHER COUNTRIES.. :) CHEAPER in a way... TO THEM PEOPLE THERE of course ;D was Youtubing.. heheh.. And I saw this vid by Justin Bieber.. So CUTE.. but Ashiqin would so say that HE'S GAY.. haahaa.. he's a 12 year old who's an aspiring singer :) So adorable :D Love him! hahha.. yeah... Ignore me.. I AM SOOO ANXIOUS about NEXT YEAR ALREADY.. :B Finals aren't even DONE yet.. JEEZ. CHILL Baizura :) ahaha.... So yeah.. me, Sash and Myra have been concocting our own ideas for Rangers' Gathering next year! :) Since this year didn't happen, Sarah said we have to do it next year... =.=! Pressuring but yeahhh.... hahaha... Myra and I are also FREAKING anxious to find out if we got our respective posts' that we have 'APPEALED' for :O haha.. yeah.. can't wait! hmm.. lol.. what else? Oh yeah! My open house is coming in a few days! haha.. :) YAY. I hope my friends can come :) I hope Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura can come! Then I can see Qayeisha! ;) Awww.. baby.. hahah.. Yeah.. Sash might be staying over at my house! :) haha.. Greek+Books=AWESOME ;) hahhaha.... ok then.. ta people.. need to get ready for MAKAN :) people are coming to the house :) sooo yeah.. bye..

p/s: I miss Tash & Najwa :(

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