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At the age where I'm starting to appreciate life more than I ever did compared to when I was back in high school. So, I'd say, give life a chance, and it might just surprise you in all sorts of ways :D

Everybody's Got Me Looking In The Wrong Direction

1st : Saras' 19th :)
3rd: Sean San's 19th :)
7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
23rd: Semester 2 Opens!
27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Only Time Will Tell


i miss all of you already :'(
am i PATHETIC OR what?

We Sang, We Laughed, We're All Smiles ; Yeah That's 4SD :)

Dear 4SD you're one of the best things that has ever happened to me :) HAHA. We might have a LOVE-HATE relationship, but we are still HUMAN enough to forgive each for it! :) okay. So yeah. Today was our supposedly CLASS PARTY :0 but on I, Amirah, Amy, Maryam, Syahidah, Lis, Sangita, Nisha and Yamuna who came for the party. LIKE WHOA man. haha. But at least Nik stopped by to say hello :) ahah. Yeah. Oh yeah, Lis also brought Faizal along! :) Aw, they're so ADORABLE :) AND Amirah invited Yeow! Both of the guys were NICE :) So yeah. We had a karaoke PARTY at Ampsquare, Sunway Pyramid :) and since we paid for like 23 people.. and there were only 11 of us, each person had to drink to DRINKS :O my bladder was damn full by the end of the day XO haha. Well.. Okay then here are the photos that I managed to take :

Amy Lim :) We were in the dark MAN! haha.

Syahidah, Amy and Me :) Going to miss you Syahidah :'( <3

Nisha and I :) Sorry for the flash dear! :O

L-R: Lis, Faizal, Yeow and Gon :)
you SO have to agree with me Lis ! ;)
p/s: Sadly, Lis and Amy are moving classes :(

ILY LAMElla's :)
we shall do this AGAIN.
5SD Class of '10 :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Only Time Will Tell


oh my.. i haven't packed ;) ahah.
oh yeah. no need much anyway.
More like I need more SPACE for stuff from there :)

Define Fun ; 'Cause This Is How I Define It Honey :D

Oh yeah. I define FUN in these WAYS ;) :

I wanna do that :) Curse anyone who's in my way :) More like this is what I'll do to those FUN SUCKERS :) oh yeah.

Yes. Have fun being you because when you decide to be someone else, now is the last chance to be YOU.

Oh gramps. Haha. That's okay. At least you gave something to the boy :) He should be more damn thankful. Damn you fun sucker KID :)

This is a lesson to those who advice others for the better ; Although look at yourself first :) You should just take that advice that you gave for yourself :)

Wee. I wanna feel the tocklosh feeling of FUN :)

LOVELYS and LAMElla's Let's do that shall we? :)
Oh how ILY all :)

defining FUN is like that to ME ;)
how about you?
give life a chance, and you might just find that there's a whole lot more than just daily routines :) LATERDAYS.

Google Search Is Awesome :D

Hello BLOGGIES :) haha. Just finished piano class.. so yeah. had the need to blog :) haha. so yeah. I would like to say THANK YOU to Google Search for being so sweet because I was STRESSED OUT AND ANNOYED so i wanted to google about 'not trusting your children' pictures but I ended up finding these instead :) ILY Google Search :) You know me too well :')

Hey Honey :') I miss your CURLS :) I want them back for X'Mas dear :) <3

Oh Sash.. :) I dedicate this to YOU and I :')
Our boys :) <3

Now i will NEVER take Google for granted anymore :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Only Time Will Tell


I wanna do a West End Marathon :O
Tell me that it's a possibility :)

Run.. STOP. Just Take A Walk, You're Too Fast For My Pace

Love is not ALL I need, I need TRUST too.

Everything will forever turn back to you, how about moving forward to me for once?


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Only Time Will Tell


Can't wait for you London, Rome and Venice ;)
Only time will tell when I get there to you :)

Where's Paul?

Yeah. This is dedicated to Sash :) Don't you just want this plectrum?

Where's Paul ?
p/s: Paul looks HOT by the way during the AOL Sessions ;)
p/p/s: Apologies if the link doesn't allow you look at the pic, just go to YouTube yeah? Just type: AOL SESSIONS BEHIND THE SCENES, BOYS LIKE GIRLS :)

tabye.gotta eat breakfast
but Martin LOOKS HOT TOO ;)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Unexpressed Feelings To My Three Lovelys :D


Myra, Tash and Sash:

that is how much I love you guys :)
you are FOREVER my LOVELYS ;)

i may not express myself but at least i still have a heart to feel these feelings that keeps my heart beating :)

ta bye. loveyou :)

Finding Peace Ain't Here

LAST NIGHT'S CONVO *between me, Aaron and APPARENTLY his COUSIN*

Phone rang. Unknown number on the screen. I answered.
Me: Hello? Who's this?
Unknown person: Hello? Are you high on McFly? *giggles*
Me: O.O Huh? What? Who is this?Hello? Do I know you?
UP: Hello? Do you sell McFly Pizzas?
Me: =.= What the faaa..? what the hell? WHO'S THIS?
UP : *giggles* and then i heard a familliar voice of a dude.
Me: AARON LIM JIT YANG!!! =__=!!!
Aaron: Hey Bai! :)
Me: What the hell? You're so mean Aaron!
Aaron: what it was for fun!! ahha. that was my 7 year old cousin by the way!
Cousin: *giggling* Ooohh.. Aaron's talking to his girlfriend!
Me: Aaron did you change your number???!!!
Cousin: Aaron's in love!!! Oooooh.. *LAUGHTER SPREADS ON UNTIL THE LINE WAS CUT OFF*
Me: What? What the hell? Aaron!!! O.O
I then called Aaron again.
Me: Hello?
Cousin: Hello?
Me: =_=! can i speak to Aaron please?
Cousin: Okay! Aaron! You're girlfriend wants to talk to you! *giggling*
Me: What the mother of-
Aaron: Hey Bai?
Me: Hey Aaron.. What was that all about? Why did you calledme? Oh and did you changed your number?
Aaron: NO BAI. For the thousandth time, I didn't change my number!
Me: -.-! Okay.. so why don't you reply my sms???
Aaron: Well Bai, you keep sms-ing me when I'm EATING! Stop sms-ing me when i'm EATING!!
Me:=_= what the hell Aaron! i'm sorry i don't know your 'SCHEDULE' when you EAT okayy..
Aaron: Hey wait Bai! Listen, i called you because I bought this McFly book for 5 bucks and it has 5 posters of McFly and it has tons of stuff about McFly.
Me: WTF -.-! and THAT's why you called me in the first place? what the hell Aaron?
Aaron: Well, DUH Bai! I know how much you LOVE McFly! so that's why I called!
Me: Okay.. what the hell man.
Aaron: Oh yeah. And you know what Bai?
Me: What?
Aaron: I think i DID change number. Maybe you HAVE been sending your texts to a different number! *LAUGHING*
Me: What the hell Aaron! -.-
Aaron: Haha. Sorry Bai.
Me: OKAY. So can I have you new number now?
Me: *oh great... he put me on effing LOUDSPEAKER -_-!* What?? Why not? Can you just give me you number please?!
Aaron: You know what Bai? I'll just Facebook my number to you okay?
Me: But wait Aaron!!
Cousin: Hi!
Me: =.=! Hi
Cousin: Can I have a McFly pizza now?
Me: NO -.-
Cousin: You MEAN and RUDE you know that!
Cousin: You're very very very MEAN!
Cousin: Didn't your mum teach you manners and good values? *giggling*
Cousin: BYE

thanks Aaron for that PRANK CALL.

The Loss of Interests & Crushed Dreams Had Left Me Undecided

What happens when the efforts of others that wants to give you a change of scenery become successful? The dreams and interests that you've had when they interfered will be crushed. OH YEAH. mine was CRUSHED AND it DIED along the way. DAMN IT. what the hell man. and now I am left UNDECIDED when my future is BASICALLY at STAKE. -.- I know. A year LEFT. FINE. I shall bear with this dreamless and 'INTEREST-less' life.

AHAHA. Funny pic above. Shows how much US girls are AMUSING at MAKING DECISIONS :)

Oh yeah. Can this pic get any more ACCURATE? LOL.

if i were to celebrate X'Mas, i wish for an UNDECIDED college :)
specially made for those UNDECIDED's.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kill Me You Can't ; Torture Me You Can

Damn you Aaron Lim Jit Yang
yes.. if you're wondering why i am DAMN-ING this guy here is because he and his 7 year old cousin prank called ME! -.- Yeah.. not exactly how i wanted to end my Thusrday night.. I am soo going to get him when I see him during our outing! I shall post the 'PRANK CALL CONVO' later.. Too ANNOYED to do anything NOW. ahaha. but I shall dedicate the picture below to you Aaron dearest ;) HAHA.

Just use your 'IMAGINATION' Jake and Billy is Aaron and his cousin and I am the Grim Reaper :) HAHA.

LATERDAYS Aaron Lim Jit Yang.
you're such an AIRHOLE :)

-Have fun when you kill time 'cause those are the few moments left for you to waste-

Where Were You When I Was Lost?

I LOVE YOU We Are The In Crowd :)
LOVE their new SINGLE 'For The Win'!

tabye. LATERDAYS :)

Hello Big Bang :)

Hello. Currently addicted to THEM :) Thanks to Mastipoo.. I MET THEM ;)

Ghetto Big Bang :)

I LIKE G.DRAGON :) haha.. I forgot whose Mas' fave :O Is it Dae-Sung Mas? ahha :)


Performing :)

iknowi'mlame. ijustknew BigBang :)) haaha
thanksagain Mastipoo.. ILY.
ta.bye.bigbanglove&music :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Unintentional HIATUS :D

Hello there BLOGGERs and BLOGGETTES :) i havent been BLOGGING for like a MONTH. i think... hahha.. but yeah.. I deserve it i think.. 'cause Final Terms Exams were SUCKY like shit. so YEAH. :/ just only got 4A's =.=! the hell man.. but Alhamdulillah.. everything like okay.. I ALMOST FAILED for Add Maths but i got 41.. HAHAH. Lucky KAN? :) yeahh.. so school hols are starting this Friday.. but i feel like it STARTED already for those people who skipped school already :P like ME. ahaha.. but then I only skipped school because Sash and I are studying at home.. you know revision form 4 and starting Form 5 topic ;) i'm so proud of US hahaa.. Thanks again Mr. Chan for dragging us to miss school for tuition! LOL. :)so yeah.. ta.. just a lil' update before i goo home from Sash's ... okay.. going home for Music and Bio :) BYE.