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At the age where I'm starting to appreciate life more than I ever did compared to when I was back in high school. So, I'd say, give life a chance, and it might just surprise you in all sorts of ways :D

Everybody's Got Me Looking In The Wrong Direction

1st : Saras' 19th :)
3rd: Sean San's 19th :)
7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
23rd: Semester 2 Opens!
27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tormented ;D

Hello.. I need to sleep in a few... hahaha.. was annoyed with Blogger because it sucked.. So now, it's fine.. : ) haha.. Okay.. was watching David Blaine.. He's COOL! Althugh I wanna see Keith Barry! a.k.a The Irish Freak ;) HE's HOT and an AWESOME MAGICIAN :D Okay.. that's not the point of the post.. I am so EAGER to get the TORMENTED DVD :O I love Dimitri Leonidas ;) He plays Alexis in Tormented.. he's Greek+British XD ahhaa.. okay.. there's some of the pics that I collected :)

The cast of Tormented :) Larissa Wilson & April Pearson are also in the movie! Oh btw, they're from Skins :) and Alex Pettyfer is also in here.. :) Dimitri is sitting on the grass!

Them Tormented people! :O Hhaha.. Basically they're the one's who are going to get 'tormented' by the ghost.
Front Row: April Pearson, Alex Pettyfer, Larissa Wilson, Tuppence *forgotten her surname!* & Dimitri Leonidas :)

Interview with BBC Radio 1 :) L-R: April Pearson, Thomas Hopper*I think!*, Dimitri Leonidas & Larissa Wilson :)

This is in earlier part of the movie, during a party after that dude's death... it's FLASHBACK.. and Tuppence & Dimitri are in love :')

Tuppence & Dimitri :)

Dimitri,Tuppence & Larissa :)

The Tormented class :O

The poster! -.- everyone looks weird! Even Alex! :B

This is FREAKY! =.= The trailer is PSYCHO.. Well to me ;) hahhaa CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT!

okay then.. ta.. bye..
p/s: going to miss tuition.. DAMN. but what the hell. haven't seen Aaron in a while though.. :( nites LAMEllas oh how I MISS-NOT MISS class already ;')

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Preloved by Lis & Lissa :D

Hello again.. am at Tash's house right now :D hehehe. yeah.. got permission from her to blog :) Yeah.. Do you realise that I haven't blog about Raya yet? Ahh. blah la.. Raya can wait ;) it's a WHOLE month :D hahaha.. So yeah... okay.. since my post today ain't about RAYA at ALL.. yeah.. let me go on :) Okay can you see the pretty top down there? hehehe.. Yeah.. I am ordering that from Lis! :D Yeah.. this is from her online clothing & cupcakes blog service! It's so AWESOME XD hahaha.. yeah... I forgot how much I'm suppose to pay to her :O hahaha.. That's okay, I'll just bring an RM50 on Monday :) but i know that it's CHEAPER than that.. it's Preloved that's why ;) LOL. Yeah.. Lis wanted to give it to me today because she was going to Maryam's house so yeah... but i told her that I won't be around so she decided that she'll give it to me after school on Monday :) YAY can't wait to see!!! and WEAR of course XP hahaha.. okay then... i guess that's all... :D Thanks again LIS!

Lis described it like,a BLUE TEAL V-Necked, kimono inspired, STRETCHABLE ≈ COMFY blouse :) YAY.. At least I'm not THAT worried about me NOT BEING ABLE TO FIT INTO IT.. -.- BUT, then again, if i DON'T FIT:


Ta bye.. ;)

-how i wish the sun never sets.. maybe it would just had a moment to pause during it's setting, and I want it to stay that way.. Let the nice sight be a memory not forgotten-

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why Isn't Guilt Hitting Me Anywhere?

Hello.. yeah.. instead of being at tuition.. i'm here.. not feeling to bad about it.. Well, at least I'm going for History later.. It seems like I prefer that class more than Maths. Hhaahaa.. Wow.. That's weird.. I didn't know that I would grow to love HISTORY :P haahaha.. This is a WELL IMPROVEMENT :) Thanks Mr. Saravanan :) so yeahhh... i guess that's all.. I can't believe school is coming back.. GAH. Hahha.. Whatever.. Life has to go on.. and EXAMS coming.. how PEACHY
Current Addcitions:
Danny Jones *Uh.. LOL. more like He's an UNLIMITED Addiction ;)*
Boys Like Girls
Dimitri Leonidas
Revision :) *Hahah, I'm GOOD :)*

Let's make this a good show.. How happy our lives are but it shows no more than that :)
ta bye..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Let's Be Not So Nice

Sorry. I can't blog now. Later? Yeah. Okay. Goodnight. Or more like Good Morning.

-she meant those words, although her words couldn't been trusted fully, therefore believe in what she's going to do and you'll get results and satisfactions-
Baizura Yusof

ta bye. let's se how i can end this perfectly without being mean.
BYE,NIGHTS.Guess not that nice? but yeah.i have only words to say not feelings to show now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

There's A New Girl In Town :)

Hello..okay.. need to go in a few.. so yeah... RANDOM *AGAIN* hahah:

Congrats Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura :) Aunty Azura gave birth to a baby girl!

Welcome baby ;
Nur Qayeisha Bt. Ahmad Shariff :)
19th September 2009 :)
Ramadhan/Raya Baby ;)

I'll Update Tomorrow, PROMISE ;)

Hahah.. Okay.. today.. JUST a few days only past but I am STUFFED of Raya.. hahaha.. Yeah... So open house is after END YEAR EXAMS... In Sash's words "I'm counting down the days 'till you OPEN HOUSE!" hahah.. :) Thanks dear.. Yeah.. Okay.. Will update LATERS.. bye.. need to catch up on Raya stories and MOMENTS with my BFF's.. so yeah.. BYE.. And random:


OKAY.. TA.. bye.. Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nak Raya Dah La Wei :D

Ahaha.. hello there.. a week has past and I'm very happy & satisfied about it.. of course the upmost obvious thing is for the fact that RAYA is in a few! : ) YAY! : ) hahaha.. So yeah, one week holiday! Woohoo.. So yeah.. Let's just say RAYA is the best thing ever other than RAMADHAN : ) Both occassions are AWESOME :) So yeah.. been wanting to post these pics a few day ago, but didn't have enough time to do it.. so yeah.. some of the things I did before Ramadhan is finishing and Raya is star

Yeah.. I was talking to Shiqin... We were discussing about our SPEECH for the TNS Campaign launching : ) FINALLY I GOT MY WLM DOWNLOADED! Thanks to MY SISTER's APPROVAL & INFLUENCE ;)

OOh yeah.. Was talking to Yamuna as well :) Congrats again Yamuna for winning the La Salle Dance Off! WOOT : )

The game that Mars got Amirah who got me ADDICTED to it! HELL's KITCHEN :O hahaha.. Gordon Ramsay's FREAKY! But he's an AWESOME cook! : )

Yeah.. and I at LAST! Finish the Bunny Bon Bon game! : ) So yeah.. I guess that's all.. Just wanna wish Selamat Hari Raya to all of my Muslim friends! Be careful don't yourself when playing fireworks! hahaha. Yeah.. and Happy Holidays everyone : )

p/s: Congrats to Sash's & Myra class for getting 1st and 2nd for Th Sivik Dance Competition! You guys WERE AWESOME BIG TIME : )

ta bye..going to go balik kampung ;)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Being Boring.. And This Is What I Was Up To

Morning.. Malaysian time of COURSE.. :) Yeah.. or more like Salam 1Malaysia everyone ;) I like it somehow... Okay.. was bored.. I couldn't sleep after SAHUR.. so.. I decided (can't believe I'm following Izzul's ADVICE) to just SLACK and KILL TIME.. so yeah... was sleepy but can't sleep.. and yeah.. have to go to school for Pencinta Alam stuff with Shiqin, Amirah, Asma, Fala & Amy.. in a few minutes.. I need to BATHE =.= What the shit.. hahaha.. okay NAH..

Ooh..Pick Your Five at Facebook 'Coca-Cola' VERSION :) I LOOVE THE BFFs pic :)

I was stupidly playing 'Purble's Place'! Woohoo! I'm Baker Supreme! :) LAPAR la pulak.. -.-' hhahah.. Baking cakes while listening 'Corrupted' by McFly

Apologies for the cacat cutting.. was belasah-ing the whole cuttting.. I'm not good at cutting! :O
Awww.. Joe looks sooo CUTE ;) I LOVE YOU JOE DEMPSIE.. He was saying 'I LOVE YOU JAL!'

Awww.. Jal & Chris' Drawing ;) <3

Yeah.. that's all.. ta bye..
Imissyoualready 4ScienceDamai :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Are We Forgetting Someone?

Hello... it's a holiday today.. I like this.. hahah.. So lazy to go to school tomorrow.. So tired.. but life has to go on.. :O Yeah.. Aaron has been AWAY for like 2 Weeks already.. feel so weird without him around... :( Seriously classes is less interesting without him.. hahaha.. Even Kathleen agreed to it.. hahah.. Oh yeah his 'partner in crime' also didn't show.. XD hahah.. yeah, according to Sean & Jeffrey, Izzul can't wait for you to come home Aaron! :P ahhaha.. LOL.. yeah.. buka puasa at Nirmala.. ALONE.. ah.. nevermind.. not coming for Chem next week I think.. mum won't let.. -.-' Sighs.... very left behind.. or more like Miss Nirmala's just too fast... or I'm too slow... nah.. she's just too fast.... school is too slow.. jeez... can't we all go at the SAME freaking pace please?? =.=" So yeah.. i had leftover apples.. I divided them and gave to Sand, Div, Sean & Jeffrey... Wai Joon didn't want.. lol.. so i took the last piece! :P ahhaha so yeah... Then.. before I went home, walked with Sean & Jeffrey... gave Sean his & Izzul's souvenir.. the 2 Greece keychains.. :) Hope he and Izzul likes it... I didn't know what to give them... since they're GUYS.. so yeah.... they ain't like Aaron.. i would've bought them those bracelets that guys wear..hahhaa.. but that ain't them.. ahhaa... okay.. ta... BM oral... sleepy..


Friday, September 4, 2009

This Is What Happens When Rockstars Are In Malaysia :D

Yup.. THIS is what happenend when Boys Like Girls came to Malaysia for MTV World Stage Malaysia '09 :) Oh, and the sources of the pics areof course from Martin's Twitter :) url:

SO HOT... I meant HIM ;) He's so FREAKING TALL *SIGHS* :)

AWESOME Guitar.. :) John!! LOL.. hahha

FUNNY.. He came to Malaysia, but ate McD =.=" HAHA.. lol.. ape la Martin ;)

Is it just me, or most rockstars wear glasses? And I thought that ALL rockstars have perfect 20-20 vision :P

Team Paul DiGiovanni :) haha.. COOL.. They were playing Sunway! :O

Hahah.. Martin LOVES our money :)


OMG.. Hunny Madu with Martin! -__-'

Team Martin Johnson :)

Waaah! Sempat kot nak tangkap gambar ngan the Sunway Lagoon Duck! :P Hhahaha.. Whatla!
DAMN you duck.. Even YOU met Martin Johnson! WTF! But sooo ADORABLE :)

Bowling with Boys Like Girls & the Crew of Fly Fm :)

The AWESOME HOT photoshoot :)

okay.. ta... bye.. Selamat Berpuasa everyone :) Jangan ponteng! :P


HELLO there.. hahaha.. been trying to blog today.. but my damn Blogger is being utterly uber STUPID.. hahaha.. so yeah.. was just THAT bored so i decided i should just have a random post BLOG-ged.. hahaha.. what the hell.. YEAH. I HAVE NEEDS.. and these are some of them;

I would be lying if I say that I don't like her songs! =.= Damn you Pixie Lott.. hahha.. But cool beats.. and I prefer her to have CURLY, BLONDE hair :)

Oh BETTY! hahha.. I NEED SEASON 3 like PRONTO! Since I don't watch 8TV.. hahha.. Yeah..

Oh The Maine :O I LOVE YOU JOHN OHH :) Party with John 'Ohh :) My baby <3

OH hell YES.. another ADDICTION of MINE, GREEK :( I love Scott Michael Foster.. so ADORABLE.. i love the storyline.. it's SO inetresting! :)

Last but not least... I have saved the best for last! :') THIS is THE COMPLETE 3 Series of E4 Skins! OMG!!!!!! I want it like SOOOOO BADLY.. Sighs.. I am currently watching it on YouTube.. but it's not THAT satisfying as owning it like my other friends who watch Skins :(

Ok then.. la-ta..BYE :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


hey there..just a little post before i go for replacement tuition....

Sri Aman's having a 'Gala Dinner' at Nikko Hotel on the 30th of October and Cik Shazilla persuaded me to go and of COURSE.. bring my parents... =.=' And and.. guess what?
I am forced to go just because of my dad's STATUS..

fickedy fick mother flying shitheads! -.-'

time's like this i don't like the fact that my dad is SOMEONE... :O School asks for MONEY..

DAMN. ta bye..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hahaha.. HEllo there..just before I go to bed...


he definitely got ME lovestruck ;) Ashley Tisdale..why did you EVER break up with him?

My Heart Heart Heartbreaks Because I Want Love Drunk

OMG OMG!! LOVE DRUNK... i SOOO WANT.. Ha.. yeah.. since McFly is like on a DL...well.. they're busy writing their songs! :) CANT WAIT HONEYS.. hahah.. YEah.. CURRENTLY ADDICTED TO BLG! ahhh.. LOL.. I la la LOVE all of their new songs! ;) I'm so proud of BLG...Sighs.. hahhaa.. Yeah..My lovely MJ..hahah..I got my own MJ! Martin Johnson! I love the track 'Two Is Better Than One' feat. Taylor Swift.. SO SWEET! I think that's my THEME song Mye, Sash & Tash! :O In a way it fits when Eli & Danny are with no one.. and they started to hang out again and then the KISS! XD So like yeah..So going to tell DIVYA about BLG!

Oh yeah..this will be such an AWESOME Raya present.. :) It'll be worth my ADDICTION of Boys Like Girls... well just to ease the 'pain' of waiting for McFly! :P hahah.. They wanna make it perfect la McFly :) Awesome GUYS... :)

LIKE OMG... hahaha.. bimbo much??? alalalla.. hahaha.. yeah.. need to SLEEP.... going to FACE ADD MATHS MARKS TOMORROW! :O I HOPE it's ADD MATHS.. i don't wanna know BIO =.= i think i seriously DIED this time for BIO.. ta bye.. nites...

This is the real thing, love changes everything...