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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Heart Heart Heartbreaks Because I Want Love Drunk

OMG OMG!! LOVE DRUNK... i SOOO WANT.. Ha.. yeah.. since McFly is like on a DL...well.. they're busy writing their songs! :) CANT WAIT HONEYS.. hahah.. YEah.. CURRENTLY ADDICTED TO BLG! ahhh.. LOL.. I la la LOVE all of their new songs! ;) I'm so proud of BLG...Sighs.. hahhaa.. Yeah..My lovely MJ..hahah..I got my own MJ! Martin Johnson! I love the track 'Two Is Better Than One' feat. Taylor Swift.. SO SWEET! I think that's my THEME song Mye, Sash & Tash! :O In a way it fits when Eli & Danny are with no one.. and they started to hang out again and then the KISS! XD So like yeah..So going to tell DIVYA about BLG!

Oh yeah..this will be such an AWESOME Raya present.. :) It'll be worth my ADDICTION of Boys Like Girls... well just to ease the 'pain' of waiting for McFly! :P hahah.. They wanna make it perfect la McFly :) Awesome GUYS... :)

LIKE OMG... hahaha.. bimbo much??? alalalla.. hahaha.. yeah.. need to SLEEP.... going to FACE ADD MATHS MARKS TOMORROW! :O I HOPE it's ADD MATHS.. i don't wanna know BIO =.= i think i seriously DIED this time for BIO.. ta bye.. nites...

This is the real thing, love changes everything...

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