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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back From The Lovely Land of Greece :)

Kali Nihta everyone.. lol.. that's good evening/night in Greek.. yeah.. just so you know.. I've been away for the whole week.. Yeah.. iwent to Greece for my dad's company trip.. :) I would be lying if i said that i didn't have fun... It was AWESOME :) Although... i did miss my friends :( and i missed like 8 days of puasa...I owe Allah :) Takpe.. anything for Allah no :) yeah.. so then i got tanned!!! :O not good! because of this, i don'twant to show my face in school tomorrow.. i'm thanking god that there wasn't any tuition.. but knowing Miss Nirmala.. she dosen't actually careif it's a public holiday.. Damn.. It's freaking MERDEKA :) but we still got our holiday.. because supposedly it is the fifth Monday or something like that.. Cheh.. apela.. yeah.. arrived at 2 something in the afternoon.. Called Myra, Sash & Tash :) I miss YOU LOT... I miss Aaron too :'( He is still currently in Canada.. for another 2 weeks.. jeez la that dude.. 3 weeks in Canada?? :O Bukannye nak keep in touch! :P ahhaha.. yeah.. i'm currently too tired & too lazy to tell you everything that happened in Greece or even posting pics... i need to go pack up my things for school neway.. and finish the unfinished homework i left before i went to Greece.. more like i brought it.. but was too seasick.. =.= hahaha.. so yeah.. I guess that's all.. ta bye nites.. oh oh!

Kali Nihta everyone :)

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