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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Morning Abu Dhabi ; Dear God I Hate Transit Flights

Morning everyone.. I am currently in Abu Dhabi.. so yeah.. at the lounge of Etihad Airlines.. Soooo freaking tired... I can hardly open my EYES.. i think my nody is all like Jell-O... i didn't eat for the past 9 hours... -.-' i have air sickness problem. so bear with me stomach.. i didn't sleep during the flight.. was too annoyed by management of space required for me to sleep.. this dude in front of me went and push back his chair that i can't even place my damn cup on the table properly.. SHITHEAD.. oh why bother. -.-' Seriously i hope the rest of the trip is going to be less... TORTURE... i wish i am at home now.. Even my best friends are having more fun than I am.. :( This is too much la.. =.=' Dah la transit for 9 hours... I need a shower like seriously.. I bathed like 2 times before coming.. -.-' Was paranoid that i'll get STINKY.. hahahaha.. i think i got stinkier.. hahaha.. what the hell... yeah... right now the food that can be digested is only mash potato.. i can't seem to eat anything else.. i think i'll just puke.. O.O' yeah. won't want that to happen now do we? i wouldn't even want to see the sight of it... Sighs.. Damn.. i need to find something to do before my i get BORED... aahhh.... too tired to blog already.. i shall update AGAIN when i arrive in Athens.. if i even have the strength & energy to blog.. :O well okay then.. ta bye...

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