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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

School Unattended ; Result : I Didn't Know What Happened In School, except..

Sri Aman's Hari K '09 is CANCELLED???!! -__-"

SO yeah... that's what i found out from Myra... and what?? why?? because of H1N1 :O in a way... that IS quite a reasonable excuse... lol.. well.. whatever.. Damaiii haven't even plan that well.. so at least we don't have to waste money! And our health won't be at stake! hahah.. yeah... Wednesday.. OPEN DAY yeah... my dad came.. mum went to visit her former boss to give him her.. what the hell's that word in ENGLISH? hahaha.. LOL! ummm.. it's 'takziah' yeah.. that! hahah.. what-LA.. in English also tak tau! :P yadayadayada.. so yeah.. than dad came quite early! so he waited for me and Pah at the Serambi.. so then we went to meet up with Cik Shazilla... sadly and EMBARRASSING-ly....teacher told my dad that I am *quote her* "Baizura, sedikit malas.." I have to say.. this time the teacher embarrassed the student..usually it's PARENTS! LOL.. but.. my parents are somewhat quite cool... hahah! they're still oldies la... LOL.. even though they don't look old! : ) cool huh? XD lol.. yeah.. well that's about it I guess.. i got a day off by Uncle Shariff.. because of my complain about my massive headache and feeling like throwing up.. :''O lol.. yeah.. was having fever! so.. yeah.. i guess.. i'll update later! ta bye..

Monday, June 29, 2009

Indie Chefs and Boys Like Girls : )

Yahhhoooo! I have successfully baked my first batch of Chocolate chip cookies! hahhaa.. very the jakun mannn!! ;D yeah... these cookies are supposedly for the Humanitarian's hari Koko sale..yeah.. awesome! I hope Karthi likes it.. lol.. yeah.. Sash helped me with the baking.. we called ourselves the Indie Chefs! hahah.. yeah because we are INDEPENDENT get it?? hahaha.. lame.. but cool enough.. to be certified?? will you consider us Jamie? :P or maybe Nigella... hahaha... :D yeah.. i can't wait to ask Myra to try! I hope she likes it!! Oh Tash! I shall bake another batch for you when I see you yeah!!! You also another woman must try! ahahha.. yeah.. it'll just be funny if Miss Nirmala ask me, "Baizura, how did you spend your Monday night without tuition?" I will be like, "Uhh... i baked cookies teacher! 8)" hahha.. yeah.. OH MY GOD! Citizens of the world!!! Boys Like Girls have released their new song! it's called , 'Love Drunk'! it is soo AWESOME! Well.. to me at least.. hahah.. yeah.. Their second studio album, LOVE DRUNK will be released on the 8th of September!!!! :O hahaha.. yeah.. awesome can't wait!!! :'') i shall ask my dad to buy! lol.. i am soo mean.. hahaha.. yeah.. well ok.. gotta go finish Physics homework!! bye.. ta nites..

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Tribute To The Legendary King of Pop ; Michael Jackson <3

Today... apparently wasn't a good day.. the whole world was strucked by the shocking news of the death of 'The Legendary King of Pop' , Michael Jackson.. All of us mourn for you M.J. You made a difference to the music world... : ) You inspired US youth.. We LOVE YOU MJ..

Isn't he just AWESOME.. The founder & creater of the famous, 'Moonwalk Dance' : ) You can teach an old dog new tricks! :D

Woohoo! I LOVE HIS SONGS.. Billy Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Black or White & Heal THe World the most! : )

Dramatic.. but good... *swoon* ;)

He is the only one who can do this! XD Loooovve it... : )

Isn't this just adorable for a legend? ; ) hahha.. he is a cool dude!

Encore!!!! Go MJ.. From your songs.. your style, none other than the signature, 'White Gloves' and 'Round Band' around the arm.. in support of children and the MOONWALK.. who wouldn't forgeet THAT! : )

We love you Michael, always and forever.. <3333
May you R.I.P...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

High On Wimbledon!

Wimbledon FEVER is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! : )




Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Was An EMO-nday For Me : (

Yeah... don't mind me.. i was really EMO on Monday.. sighs.. yeah.. apparently i knew i could see it coming... to be honest-LA... LOL.. yeah.. so just as I saw the paper Pn. Ilani had pass around, it was like BAM! "I FAILED FREAKING ADD MATHS!"what the hell yoo.. sighs.. so then.. the EMO-ing began.. i was on the verge of crying but I got over it with the help of Pah & Dia... i didn't have time to tell Mye.. she had to go for duty.. so i just said goodbye.. yeah.. then after school i went tp Sash's for tuition with Mr.Chan.. i missed HU Meeting.. i feel well bad man.. i think Karthi is not happy with me.. another reason to be worried about.. -_-" aiyyo.. yeah.. so just had laughs with Sash at her's while watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' soo yeah.. that made me feel better-LA.. so-so.. but i was still EMO.. lol.. hahaha.. i suck at EMO-ing don't I? XD hahha.. yeah.. then i went back to go to NIrmala plak.. soo.. yeah.. i came quite on time.. met up with Sean.. talked to him.. he wondered why I didn't attend Samad's Campfire.. I just told him that I had my dad's birthday bash.. so yeah.. soo jealous of you la San Vei Sean!! :P He said it was like clubbing! LOL! haha.. and Satyan was the M.C.!cool.. yeah.. damn you Sean.. lol! But we had our pwn clubbing right Mye? at Sri Sentosa.. and Sean and his troop plak weren't able to come! LOL! yeah.. so I wore all black.. supposedly to make Miss Nirmala NOT notice me.. and apparently she didn't calledmy name AT ALL! wow! it worked! omg! lol.. hahah.. yeah.. i felt quitea relief of not getting called up.. i needed my 'ME' time to unwind.. soo Aaron apparently made me laugh! Soo.. yeah.. with his funny antics and stories.and he and Izzul's way of tormenting kept me quite sane.. but almost on the verge of going high on laughter.. lol.. those two ahh.. lol.. find so many ways to torment me.. haha.. yeah i guess that's all ta byeess

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Birthday Bash! : )

hey.... i had an awesome time during dad's birthday... : ) i woke up early by Sash's phone call.. saying she has to babysit Ryan for awhile.. before going to the 'bash' : ) then, i was like okaay Sush..later got ready to go out and get the cakes! yeah.. apparently mama decided to have to cakes because i liked the Marble Cheese cake whilst she picked her all-time fave Carrot Cake.. :P lol.. i don't fancy anything that has to do with carrots apparently.. unless Sush or Uncle Shariff forces me to eat! lalala.. then... we picked up Sush to go help carry the cakes and bought some take out for lunch.. haha.. and then.. me and Sush just chilled most of the time while chit-chatting a lot! i miss talking to her! lol.. i see her everyday in school! lol.. haha.. yeah.. then, we got a news that Uncle Shariff & Uncle Johan was coming! i was excited.. lol.. then me and Sush were more excited when we found out that Mye was coming! yeay! Thanks Myra's bro for sending her! : ) I owe you durian Myra, dear! then yeah... uncle Shariff and Uncle Jo's weird to be honest to see trainers out of the gym, in normal clothes and eating a HELL LOT! lol.. seriously both of them were like Jughead from Archie! :O lol.. yeah.. Myra then complimented that Uncle Shariff looks better in person! lol.. mye.. yeah.. true.. he looks better in person.. basically both Uncle Shariff and Uncle Jo kept me, Mye and Sush laughing like hell the whole time they were there! lol.. then.. i'm happy for the fact that Mye and Sush got along with Shiera! : ) yeay! lol.. :D except for Zaini of course.. mye don't worry.. Zaini feels bad about what happen 3 years ago.. he apologises 'cause my other cousin dared him.. he didn't mean too! : ) he's a good guy when you get to know him, although he's just a bit random at times!! haha.. so far everything was awesome! i love the present that Maisarah & the family gave.. it was handmade cards written by her, Nurin & Eya.. drawings by Uncle Nasir and idea by aunty yah! : ) <333

Whatever it is I LOOVEE MY FAMILY and FRIENDS and 'TRAINERS' ; ) <33
You people are AWESOME : )

Friday Was Funny and Artistic : )

hey there.. i am suppose to blog about my dad's birthday.. but i havent blog about Friday soo'll just gonna be a few minutes of Friday.. haha.. yeah. Friday was awesome.... as usual.. i thought Shiqin tak datang but then she came later for Add Maths and orchestra... yeah.. 3/4 of the class weren't in class.. most of them were involve with the 'I Have A Dream' musical.. lol.. can't wait to watch!! yeah.. Friday was..okaaay la.. i brought History instead of Chemistry! -__-" yeah.. we didn't have any experiment... teacher said noo time.. i thinkk... lol.. yeah.. then, was hanging a lot with Amirah, Marissa & Mas.. they are soo hilarious... : ) Marissa ask me for help to design Lydiya Razan's birthday card... lol.. i was flattered that Amirah puji-ED me.. lol.. :'') thank you.. lol.. i usually don't take 'pujians' but i shall take-LA for once.. XD yeah.. so i designed Lydiya's birthday card... then Marissa, Amirah & Mas coloured it and coloured the polka dots so calledtobe 'Hollywood Lights'! : ) oh yeah.. i know we don't talk to each other but happy advanced birthday Lydiya! lol.. i'm too nice! it's nice of Lydiya's boyfriend to think of that idea.. yeah... than i just chit-chatted with the three of them and yeah.. that's all.. in tuition as usual... Najwa tak datang! i read your blog Naj, hope your leg gets better! yeah.. in Sejarah as usual the guys crap.. they are weird seriously : Aravind, Izzul, Norvin, Brandon & Jai.. me, Sand and Div laughed our ass off every week because of them!! lol.. serious clowns la especially Izzul & Brandon...yeah.. that's all about Friday! lol... : ) now about Saturday!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I Am Proud To Announce.....

I am proud to announce that....

I have gotten my ARTISTIC FLARE BACK! Yahoo! : )

And I just realise, the INSPIRATIONS are FRIENDS and MUSIC and ME BEING IN A HAPPY MOOD : )

Okaay then.. I am starting to love typing to 'ALIGN RIGHT' : ) haha
Ok.. i shall update later TA BYE XD

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Wanna Watch...

I wanna watch

Skins Season 2 & 3


Ugly Betty Season 3

I am lost without THEM <3 :)
I LOVEE YOU TV even though you damage my brain cells : )

My brain cells die but my time is filled alive with addiction : )

I Was Insipred By Nigella Lawson : )

I am excited about Hari Koko... i am going to help HU Club for the baking the cookies! : ) I thought of Mars Cookies... i wonder??? or maybe Reese's Peanut Buttercups' Cookies.. i shall try doing it before Hari Koko.. : P I shall quote Nigella Lawson, :

'Too much of a good thing is WONDERFUL!'

Misfortunes of The Week After Hols :O Tragic, No ; Unfortunate, Yes, Please! : (

Hye.. ignore my weird blog title.. stomach hurts a hell lot! -__-" sighss.. yeah.... first week of school after far it's been okaaay... nothing shocking happen really.. oh! except for the fact that the school is demolishing the tennis court for the 'new' swimming pool! =.=" what the hell man.. okaaay.. that's sad man... all this while parents have been complaining about the condition of the court but the school didn't approveof it... because it's too expensive they say.... -___-" whatever la.. i'm going out of the school already anyway... that sucks... a lot of things suck after the holidays... Pn. Nitce's sick with chicken pox! Hope you'll get well teacher! : ) Rangers' Installation was cancelled AGAIN... this time it was due to the HALL not being available for us because of the musical drama rehearsals... well.. ok then.. what else? oh yeah, Uncle Amin got hurt in the gym after his fall and Uncle Shariff saved him and took himto the hospital.. I hope you'll get better Uncle Amin.. :) then later on Uncle Shariff himself got his ankle sprained.. Me and Amirah lostour books... she lost her Chem book and Maths.. i lost my Maths book and i borrowed Kimberr's book to copy the previous hmw supposedly i was suppose to send it TODAY.. but sadly i was suffering with my damn stomach ache... O_O" oh dear... -__-" great... yeah.. so far that's it... let's end this yeah? ta bye thenn..

Sunday, June 14, 2009

School's Back; Damn It!

Hey there.. Yup.. school starts tomorrow.. assigments done, just need to sent it.. :O test papers are going to come back SADLY.. well.. for me.. XC I am not looking for my finished results! At least i want my CGPA to be 3.0! i need to seriously maintain.. but i think THIS TERM, i screwed EVERYTHING! Mum and Dad's so going to kill me... sighs.. but what's done is done yeah? What are the upcoming events?? ?_? oh yeah.. Dad's birthday is coming! : ) yeay! what else? hmm... oh yeah.. Rangers Installation is coming up! MYRA! don't forget! this Wednesday yeah? : O what else?? oh yeah! Hari K, Hari Koko! How ironically it's on Tom's birthday! Awww, he's going to turn 24!!! : ) yay! lol.. what else? oh yeah.. BB Scouts' Campfire.. I was thinking of not going at first.. but then again, i'll go to support Sean! : )Yeay! So.. yeah.. holidays are done! Woo... okay got to go spend time with family! Oh and advanced happy Fathers' Day Dad!!! :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Night In With My Niece And Nephew :O

"Why did you write O?" My niece asked... hahaha.. i am currenlty on a timelimit basis.. i have about 15 minutes only to be online... -___-" what the hell.. man.... yeah... uhh. Friday.. today is Friday.. tuition was okay..i got to go!!!!!! =_=" Ok ta bye..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Week Later... : )

hey yo.. sorry.. haven't updated for like exactly one whole week! lol.. yeah.. been.. not in the mood to well... i have to say that i am proud of myself that i am almost going to finish Skins Season 1! lol.. hahaha.. yeah... i am THAT slow... lol.. hey, i pity myself that i like One Tree Hill but i don't watch it! -___-" i need to see! lol.. see la.. i have bad time management! XD ahaah.. yeah.. my dad gotback a few days back.. I finally got my McFly Radio:Active Live In Wembley DVD! : ) Yeay! and ooohh.. Juno DVD! My sis got her Yes Prime Minister DVD Box Set and Books. lol. i knew i should've asked for more! hahaha.. but nah.. i feel bad.. =) haha... yeah.. i don't think my parents approve of Skins.. but then again the whole family wacthed worse things than Skins! lol.. but i just skip all of those 'unwanted' scenes.. :P yeah.. and oh Saturday had an outing with Tash, Sand, Sean and Izzul.. it was fun! lol.. although, i keep feeling like i wanna throw up.. -__-" lol.. yeah.. i agree with Sean, when going out with Izzul, we will seriously never stop laughing! XD The guys were awesome, they were like the 'dads' to US girls.. although, Izzul was like, "I'm suppose to take care of Sean!" LOL.. yeah and to think that it was the other way around! :P Yeah.. it was nice the outing.... lol.. i'm so pathetic kan Sush! i just realise that Carl's Jr. existed! X) hahhaah. yeahh.. i guess that's all yeah?? ok then.. that's all.. i think.. so far la... ok ta bye nites!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fourth Day of Holidays

Hey there! lol.. yeah.. another update.. nothing really happen today though.. except for just wentto the bank to make some account or something.. then i had to hurry to gym..thank god i wasn't late! :P but sadly.. i got tortured big time! -___-"so tired today.. wanted to cry to Shar.. :'( lol.. it was torture!!! lol.. yeah..then i went home with Ma.. Dad was suppose to come home tomorrow.. but he went straight to China... :""( aww... i miss Bapak... : ( loll.. random! I can't wait for this Thursday! second jamming session with Myra and Sash! Yeay! And Saturday going to go out with Tash and Sean.. : ) lol.. yeah.. well, i guess that's all..sadly had piano tonight.. -__-" but at least there's progress! Miss Jennifer finally ask me to use the metronome so that i play my exam pieces faster! that's good.. lol.. well.. finally finish ONE episode of Skins Series 1!LOL.. i'm proud somehow.. :P haha.. yeah..k then.. need to get up early for my Bio homework research on 'Aneroxia Nervosa'for Miss Adeleine's Bio Summary Assignment... : ) ok.. ta bye nites

p/s: I need to practice 'Falling In Love' by McFly before Myra and Sash comes!! :)

Third Day of Holidays!

Hey there...yeah.. third day of holidays was/is on Monday! : ) And yes....Monday was the day i had to wake up early BEFORE Poh Lian comes.. but i ended up waking up when she ARRIVED in front of my house! =__=" What la deiii... lol.. yeah.. so yeah, we ate before we went to the gym.. i ate oats today! at last... lol.. yeah.. but it is chocolate flavoured.. idk if Uncle Shariff would allow... -__-" ahh.. screw it la.. lol.. sorry Uncle Shariff... ;) yeah.. so we went to the gym... Poh Lian was so excited! :D we had a few problems... the management is kinda strict.. so yeah... we started up with warm up..we did all of the cardio machines EXCEPT for the 'Stepper'..'cause it the MOST TORTURING one EVER in the history of cardio machines... LOL.. yeah.. i absolutely avoid that every single time i go to the gym to go do cardio.. yeah... :P uh huh.. after CARDIO-ing, me and Poh Lian took a shower before Shar gave Poh a brief tour in the gym.. especially the PT Corner.. 'cause it's only for members.. :) so.. yeah.. Poh Lian was so AMAZED! Sadly she just met Uncle Shariff and Shar.. She said Uncle Shariff is cool and nice... Aww.. ; ) hahaha.. yeah.. but she didn't get to meet Uncle Jacq and the rest! lol.. that's okaaay.. next time.. after gym, i sent Poh back to her grandma's house near Sandra's house! near! hahah.. we ate on the way.. we ate some bread with sausages.. yumm.. lol.. :P then, i went off to KGNS to meet up with the Aunties, mum and Maisarah... yayaya. watched videos on iTouch.. while eating then went back to the gym for Muay Thai.... sighs.. tired la I TELL YOU! but FUN! :B then before Chem and Physics, Tash surprised me when she came with Sand and Div.. :) then yeah everything ended okay-LY... lol... :D okay then.. ta bye...nites..

p/s: Yeay! Aaron's not going to Aussie! :P lol..maybe then I can go for his band's gig at SPCA for the Charity Performance thingy.. : )