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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Week Later... : )

hey yo.. sorry.. haven't updated for like exactly one whole week! lol.. yeah.. been.. not in the mood to well... i have to say that i am proud of myself that i am almost going to finish Skins Season 1! lol.. hahaha.. yeah... i am THAT slow... lol.. hey, i pity myself that i like One Tree Hill but i don't watch it! -___-" i need to see! lol.. see la.. i have bad time management! XD ahaah.. yeah.. my dad gotback a few days back.. I finally got my McFly Radio:Active Live In Wembley DVD! : ) Yeay! and ooohh.. Juno DVD! My sis got her Yes Prime Minister DVD Box Set and Books. lol. i knew i should've asked for more! hahaha.. but nah.. i feel bad.. =) haha... yeah.. i don't think my parents approve of Skins.. but then again the whole family wacthed worse things than Skins! lol.. but i just skip all of those 'unwanted' scenes.. :P yeah.. and oh Saturday had an outing with Tash, Sand, Sean and Izzul.. it was fun! lol.. although, i keep feeling like i wanna throw up.. -__-" lol.. yeah.. i agree with Sean, when going out with Izzul, we will seriously never stop laughing! XD The guys were awesome, they were like the 'dads' to US girls.. although, Izzul was like, "I'm suppose to take care of Sean!" LOL.. yeah and to think that it was the other way around! :P Yeah.. it was nice the outing.... lol.. i'm so pathetic kan Sush! i just realise that Carl's Jr. existed! X) hahhaah. yeahh.. i guess that's all yeah?? ok then.. that's all.. i think.. so far la... ok ta bye nites!

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