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1st : Saras' 19th :)
3rd: Sean San's 19th :)
7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
23rd: Semester 2 Opens!
27th : Afiq's 19th :)

4th: All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd & The Maine w/ Nav at The Forum (Hmv Forum), London.
17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Second Day of Holidays! : )

Hey ho, let's go! Hiya... today is the second day of the holidays! : ) Lol.. today.. i woke up late AGAIN.. i don't know why i want to wake up so damn EARLY! hahah.. lol... Yeah.. i woke up at around 9.45a.m... sighs i'm so tired.. yeah then i waited for Myra and Sash to come and start our jamming! :P hahaha.. Then they came... the jamming then started! Woohoo! : ) lol.. yeah.. it was Awesome! Myra the 'maestro' taught me and Sash how to play McFly's 'Falling In Love' on piano and guitar... and it turned out great! Except that it was just the first part.. can't wait for the next lesson Myra and Sash! : ) Oh, random..

Happy Belated Birthday Amirah and Su Ann! : )

Yahoo! : ) lol.. hahah.. yeah.. basically, that's all that happened other than having piano class with Miss Jennifer.. yeah.. that's it.. haha.. : ) kaaay.. ta bye nites..

My Addictions : ) <3

McFly! : ) Love their MUSIC and THEM of course : )

Danny Jones! : ) <3>

The cast that started it ALL! e4 Skins Series 1 & 2.. First generation : ) From L-R:
Mike Bailey, Joe Dempsie, Hannah Murray, Larissa Wilson, Dev Patel, Mitch Hewer, Nicholas Hoult and April Pearson.

e4 Skins Series 3! Second Generation! : ) I Love Luke Pasqualino who plays Freddie McLair! <3>

Britannia High Cast : ) From L-R: Rana Roy, Georgina Hagen, Matthew James Thomas, Marquelle Ward, Sapphire Elia and Mitch Hewer.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's The First Day of Holidays : )

Hey there! It's the first day of holidays! Random..i shall run you through my daily DOINGS : )
I woke up like at 11a.m... Thank you Sush for waking me up! LOL.. yeah.... very tired and i don't know why... thank god i had time to get ready and have breakfast before meeting up with Uncle Shariff for PT. ahah.. yeah.. sorry again Poh Lian for not attending St. John's Gathering this morning.. too lazy and had to go out.. : ) yeah.. then got up and charged my phone and went to eat breakfast... kak nia wasn't a home.. she went out.. dad wasn't around.. he went to London, Canada and China. :'( lol.. yeah.. have fun dad! :P yeah.. then i drank an overdued milk that my driver bought.. :''O yuck! it was sick yo..XD yeah.. and then my cereal wasall messed up because of that! so yeah.. then went to the gym with Ma.. did warm up and met up with Uncle Shariff! : ) I'm surprised that he could make laugh today! :') lol.. seriously la.. when kak nia's busy, he's like my other elder sibling! : ) except that i call him 'UNCLE' hahaha.. yeah.. Like Sandra would say, 'The Gym Family' :'D yup.. i love it! Uncle Jacq, Uncle Jo, Shar and Uncle Nick was there.. i did Muay Thai with Uncle Shariff! Awesome.. dapat lepaskan geram koot! :P hahah.. then went back home to pick up my handphone 'cause i left it at home to charge it.. Yup.. then mum and I head to The Gardens! :D Ate at Delicious... then i went to buy new shirts at Graffitee! : ) then met mum's friend Aunty Fatimah Yeop.. had tea with her..i keptgetting my headache after reading..O.O' aiii.. yeah.. and now at home.. just finish eating Subway.. and was listening to songs.. i need to get Uncle Shariff''s iPod loaded man! XD hahah.. he wants it by Monday! :P yeah.. i should go.. shall update on my second day of hols tomorrow! Bye, nites and TA! : ) p/s:

Welcome Back Tash : )

Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Give Me Colour ; I'll Give You Words : )

hey theere.. i think i am high on SHARPIEEES! :P haha... yeah.. i've been coming up with new and improved quotes! : ) i love that!! i've never been THIS inspired! ;P yeah... i was doodling with Amirahon my 'Food Book' and i LOVE her quote! 'Because of fairy tales, SHIT HAPPENS!' hahhaa... i agree though! lol... yeah.. i love my new quote, 'Find Friends For Fun Friendships' : ) yeah... what else??oh yeah..just found out that Rangers ain't gonna have a gathering this year... unfortunately.. me,Mye and Sush wanted to perform! :''( lol.. but that's okay.. at least we can still jam! :P yayaya... oh yeah! Sarah told us that there's going to be an upcoming event that is Bukit Bintang's Scouts' Gathering : ) YAY! lol.. can't wait.. it's on the 18th of July.. Poh Lian is soooo excited! haha... yeah... HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! Sean.. so mean la you not coming for the holiday course.. that's okaaay.. i understand, you're busy... : ) see i'm nice no? :P hahah.. yeah.. tomorrow's the last day of school! YAHOO! but still going to suffer during the hols.. hahaha.. hope get to go out! : ) Random, i miss talking to you Bryan Raj! Oh and lastly, have fun in Perth, Aaron! I want a souvenir yeah? ; ) hahaha.. kidding.. ok then gtg do Chem work.. bye! ta..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday La-Laughs :D

Okaaay.. hey.. this was suppose to be posted yesterday.. but iwas toooo... BLANK to post anything.. wasn't exactly in a mood yesterday... even today.. i don't know what's wrong with me lately.. i've been minimising my ability in 'talking'... it's like i don't really talk much nowadays.. i feel like i don't exactly wanna talk to anyone.. O_O' this is not good.. =_= awww..i pity Myra.. she's sick.. ;( Get well soon dear! : ) Yeah.. yesterday was like... :O lol.. idk how to explain yesterday.. it was ok.. 3/4 of my class didn't come! was peaceful and LESS noisy and annoying.. hahaha..yeah..then during Agama, Pn. Nura didn't come.. so we had to hafal our ayat-ayat.. then, me, Ami and Marissa started to talk about random stuff.. It was funny 'cause we talked about really random-random stuff... haha.. :P i think we talked about U.K. and then it ended up to Skins. Yeah i was like saying that i so wanna watch Skins but there's just too much 'SKINS'! haha.. yeah and Marissa said, "Tengok je la!" i was like then we talked about careers.. I was blurred out in what to be in the future.. Marissa wants to be a doctor.. but then she was like "kesian my anak, nanti takde orang kat rumah!" haha.. Ami wants to be a vetrinarian but me and her we suffer the same problem, parents will not allow to do what we want.. :'( yeah.. then we went backto class of course.. haa... Ashiqin didn't come.. but little that we know that she came at 12 just to go for orchestra! hahah.. she said that she sneaked in! LOL! apela Shiqin.. then we had like 'heart to heart' talk.. me, Hasmiera and Arnida.. we just talked about how harditis being a teenager.. duh.. i agree.. -_-" Teen angst.. hahah. taa.. bye..

Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Week Holiday Plans!

Hey there bloggerrs! :P i haven'tbeenon for a while.. yup just finish Mid Terms today! At last! : ) So.. the week ended well..... With Mid terms over and the crown of American Idol's season eight winner, Kris Allen!<3 Go team Allen! :) hehe... yeah... Hm.. oh yeah.. you guys! I upgraded my Fitness First membershipcard and i got the 'FirstClub' privelleges! So you guys can come with me to the gym on weekends for free! YAY! : ) yahoo.... sighs... what else???? lol.. oh yeah! I am so proud of YOU Aaron! Congrats to your band for the cover CD! oh.. speaking of Aaron, i want to go for his band's gig for this charity thing for SPCA! not only that, he got the solo part for his school's MUSCIAL! I'm so proud of you! XD hahah.. yeah ok Mye.. i'll think of songs! ; ) YAY! i can't wait for you to teach and collab with me! lol... ahh...need to go to GYM! tomorrow! ;) yeah... i miss everyone at the gym! lol.. it has only been 1 day! hahah.. oh yeah! I invited Uncle Shariff and the gang to come for hari K! yeay! :P ahaha..... what else??hmm...oh yeah.. still have to go for tuition...Oh yeah.. there will be a programme for Nirmala! Tash, i'll tell you the stuffy. I think i'll take Bio and Add Maths je la.. yup! Yeah..Uhhh... stomach aches! gah.. i should get my sleep! : ) okay then... bye.. ta people!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i LOVE you KRIS ALLEN! : ) <3 You deserve it! You are AWESOME! : )

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Day Ended Happily ; Sorta.. ;)

hello again.. yeah.. as you know.. i went for the Muay Thai Demo and it was AWESOME! haha.. it was so fun man! lol.. hahha.. It started at 6-7.00pm.. at the Group X's Studio.. Then, i found out that Uncle Jacq was the Instructor/MC random..the portable microphone is soo LAWA! over random.. Uh huh.. before i went in Uncle Nick was like,"Hey,fighter!" I was like. hehe eh heh.. haha.. malu nye.. *sweat2* -___-" then my mumjoined in the fun! :) So the trainers involved were Uncle Shariff *of course ;) *, Uncle Jacq, Uncle Johan, Uncle Muhen, Shar and Vivien.. Shar was just there to monitor.. :( lol.. she was there to layan me when other people were Muay Thai-ING.. hahah.. She's the same age as Kak Nia! lol.. ha...yeah.. Basically my day was awesome.. at the end of the day my day got awesome-ER when i saw a familliar someone sitting beside my dad.. It was Uncle Djohan! :'') hahaha.. i miss him so much! *Myra, Tash you guys would remember Uncle Djohan Effendy right?* Yeah.. he got cuter and a little bit chubby.. but still fit! ; ) hahah.. i still got his wristband that he gave me.. <3 Thank You Uncle Djohan! : ) well.. it's getting late... need to get enough rest for Mid Terms tomorrow! Bye.. nights TA!

Ladies Muay Thai Session Today! : )

Hey there! I can't wait for Muay Thai TODAY! :D haha.. yeah.. it's so gonna be awesome.. Sush, you tak datang eh today? :P haaha.. Mitch suggested this band to me.. forgot what the name was.. but they're AWESOME! Ashiqin you would love them 'cause they're techno-ish.. lol.. yeah.. sighs TOMORROWis MID TERMS! -___-" lol.. you know what.. i think i'm ready.. ahaha.. But yeah.. at least En.Hulam makes Sejarah interesting and hilarious!Not forgetting the AWESOME Mr.Saravanan! Teachers you are GREAT! Well... okay.. going to eat my 5-a-day! BYE!

Wish Me Luck For Muay Thai! : )

oh.. p/s: Thanks Uncle Jacq for the Bio lesson yesterday! I OWE YOU NOW! ; )

Monday, May 11, 2009

I Thought I Was The Only One Who Stayed At Home

Hello! :P Yeah.. according to my titile, yeah.. i was too sleepy to go to school... and anyway i didn't feel well.. had a massive headache.. -____-" it sucks.. PENING yeah..and now justresting beforegoing to sleep 'cause i just ate my din din... hmm.. headache again.. sighs.. ihope this doesnt happen during exams.. ITS JUST IN A FEW DAYS! :'"O aaaaaaaah.. haha.. yeah and then i went to gym like normal.. did Muay Thai! : ) <3 Myra, Tash, Sush! Guess what? Uncle Shariff is going to plan my sweet 16! : ) <3 u Uncle Shariff! :') hahah.. yeah.. tuition was cool too.. sat at the back first..but then, moved to the front.. Then, it got funnier when Aaron, Sean, Izzul and Wai Joon moved behind us.. it was so damn funnyla listening to their conversation.. hahah.. yeah.. and now i'm here.. :P lol..ok then... nighty nite.. tomorrow'sschool as usual! BYE TA! oh yeah.. Div and Sand pun tak pegi skolah kooot! hahah.. the three pf us studied at home.. : )

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Surprise Mothers Day Ma! : )

Halu! LOL.. yeah.. today is MUMMYS DAY! lol.. uh huh.. my sister planned a suprise MOTHERS DAY and ADVANCED BIRTHDAY party for my mum.. And it was a SUCCESS! *claps* yeay! YAHIOO! hahah.. yeah.. firstly, i told ma that Kak Nia was going to take us for a 'Mothers DayLunch' ahah.. and so it was 'supposedly'! :P Then, we blidnfolded her! HAH! She got all paranoid anda bit freaking out.. Me and Kak Nia expected ma to know the route to the Ara house even though she was blindfolded. But she didn't utter A WORD AT ALL! :] and when we arrived also.. she didn't realise the diff.. LOL.. and we hold her hands to guide her to the door.. and Aunty opened the door and all of the guests cheered, 'SURPRISE!" hahaha.. it was awesome.. Shiera, Rudhzaini, Kak Keena, Kak Zaza, Kak Aida was wasFUN! :P yeah.. spent talking and laughing with Shiera, Zaini, Maira and Ezra. Watching YouTube.. lol.. yeah.. and playing musical chairs! XD it was like back down Memory Lane! :") yeah.. i guess i gtg.. have a great week everyone! ok maybe a bad wish, but we'll get throught mid terms! : ) GOOD LUCK!

Pencinta Alam PHOTOS! In Conjunction For The Sri Aman Go Green Walkabout! : )

This is US! The Environment Club Members : ) The Sri Aman Go Green Walkabout was a success! ;D We are under the TrEEs section.. Ashiqin's the PRESIDENT! ;P

WOW! LOL.. yeah.. theseare the so called recycling bins! For the recycling game.. ;) It was fun..haha.. :P Yeah.. that door.. was the door to the school hall stage! :P Shila was there for the 'Hannah Montana : Rock Bersama Shila' Competition! lol.. and Alissa WON! lol.. for our schoolla..Yeah.. Aqilah's sister Alissa won.. : ) CONGRATS!

Here is a junior playing the Recycling Game On Time :P It was fast paced of course.. the students had only 20 seconds too spare! XD Congrats and good job to whoever had participated you guys were great sports!

It was early in the morning! LOL.. yeah.. was just taking the first pic of the day.. Here from right to left: Fala holding the 'Please Visit TrEEs Exhibition!' board, Aqilah & Ami!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Gonna Have To Miss Bio On Wednesday! :''(

Hello! LOL.. : ) Yeah.. today is not exactly a day where i say it would be yeah.. the first thing that happened was waking up late for gym! -___-" that sucked of course.. sighs.. sorry Uncle Shariff! Yeah, today i went to gym later... before tuition.. it was awesome! LOL.. yeah.. i did the Muay Thai Boxing! It feels good to punch something for once! haha.. but i pity Uncle Shariff.. he kept getting hit by me! XD SORRY! And.. dum dum! He asked me to come on Wednesday to join the demo session for Muay Thai! :)YAY! but not so yay for the fact that i have to miss Bio.. O.O" aiyyoo.. LOL!But Uncle Jacq is so nice that he said "What do you have on Wednesday?"I replied, "I got Bio tuitionla Uncle Jacq!" He looked at me unbelievable-ly, "What? BIO? Ah..Bio takpe la.. come i teach you!" I laughed, "Lol.. okay.. Thanks Uncle Jacq!" Yeah that is cool.. lol.. haha.. i'm such a geek la kot.. :P Uh huh.. lol.. random.. Sash's birthday and Shiqin's birthday is coming! I dunno what to get! Hmmm..i wonder what to bagi diorang haha.. yeah.. ala dah pukul 12!!! -__-" i haven't read through SEJARAH and AGAMA!!! O.O" gtg..ta people

Friday, May 8, 2009

Time Like These I Wish I Was In U.K With My BFFS :"B

Yes.. talking about the 'title'i just realize that McFly is going to have a signing at Milton Keynes on the 14th of May 2009.. For all Sri Amanians *upper secondary* you would notice that it's on the first DAY of our Mid-Terms :O what the hell man.. That sucks.. -__-" why.. :( lol.. yeah.. how i feel so devastated.. aiii.. sighs.. I shall quote Yasmin Nisyah, "Oh well.." LOL.. yea yea.. macamla bleh pegi pun! :P hahah.. yeah.. today is FRIDAY! lol.. it's an OK-ish day.. i brought History instead of Chemistry 'cause i didn't know that we had to bring Chem stuff in the first place.. -___-" whatla.. but whatever.. ;P Yeah.. Cik Shazilla asked me to answer a Physic's question for revision and i got it right! lol.. i guess LISTENING to teacher actually helped!LOL.. j/k.. Cik Shazilla's funny.. :) At last i sent one of my Add Maths book! hahaha.. yeah Pn. Ilani is DAMN worried about my FORMATIVE..i pity her getting a lot of headache from us 4 Science Damaians :P.. yeah.. today..there were these students from SMK DU i think.. lol.. yeah they came to our school.. they were nice.. although it's not like i knew anyone of them.. though MYRA does! lol.. there was this dude who was from her tuition.. lol.. yeah... after that.. nothing happened...
Haha.. i shall continue in a few.. bye ta..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Need To Love Hollyoaks! : )

Hello.. today.. as my friends would notice, i didn't to school.. i woke up late! -_-" i've been getting that lately.. O_O" Sighs.. i am going to have a HOMEWORK MARATHON after this.. yes.. and i don't know at what time i will go to bed.. gaggagaa.. lol.. :'( i need MY FORMATIVE! although.. i have to say it's bad in a way.. that it pampers us.. but at least we have to work for it to earn it! lol.. not like that's a bad either.. ok.. what the hell am i trying to say?? haha... oh yeah.. back to thetopic.. i am currently in love *more like in the mood to love* HOLLYOAKS!!! : )i need to ask Najwa for info.. lol.. i love Nico Mirallegro! he is sorry.i don't have his photo.. lazy la nak pg :P can go google what? just type NICO MIRALLEGRO : ) Chris Fountain is okaay.. lol.. :) Emma Rigby is pretty! I agree with Myra! The 'Backstage of Hollyoaks' ft. McFly waass funny!!! Tom was adorable holding the script! : ) Danny!! Cute like hell.. the way he acted.. lol... yeah... Hmmm.......... what else? oh yeah.. Exam's coming.. -_-" sighs.. speaking of exams.. i have to STUDY! :O im not like Myra of course.. i won't put my blogging on hiatus.. lol.. i have to at least update about something.. it's me! i just need to get it off my chest.. haha.. okay then.. tomorrowo is homework sending time! : O WISH ME LUCK! : ) Ta.. nights..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Down Goes Another One *thanks McFly*

Hey! Yeah.. I am currently going DOWN.. o_O' sighs.. lol.. hahaha but i'm tyring my best to getting back on track! : ) thanks to my best buds :') and of course my classmates! XD i LOVE you 4SD : ) LOL! yayayaa... crap.. aww man.. wrong timing to blog! I got to go -__-" well.. bye then.. i shall update later.. Ta.