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Monday, May 11, 2009

I Thought I Was The Only One Who Stayed At Home

Hello! :P Yeah.. according to my titile, yeah.. i was too sleepy to go to school... and anyway i didn't feel well.. had a massive headache.. -____-" it sucks.. PENING yeah..and now justresting beforegoing to sleep 'cause i just ate my din din... hmm.. headache again.. sighs.. ihope this doesnt happen during exams.. ITS JUST IN A FEW DAYS! :'"O aaaaaaaah.. haha.. yeah and then i went to gym like normal.. did Muay Thai! : ) <3 Myra, Tash, Sush! Guess what? Uncle Shariff is going to plan my sweet 16! : ) <3 u Uncle Shariff! :') hahah.. yeah.. tuition was cool too.. sat at the back first..but then, moved to the front.. Then, it got funnier when Aaron, Sean, Izzul and Wai Joon moved behind us.. it was so damn funnyla listening to their conversation.. hahah.. yeah.. and now i'm here.. :P lol..ok then... nighty nite.. tomorrow'sschool as usual! BYE TA! oh yeah.. Div and Sand pun tak pegi skolah kooot! hahah.. the three pf us studied at home.. : )

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