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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Surprise Mothers Day Ma! : )

Halu! LOL.. yeah.. today is MUMMYS DAY! lol.. uh huh.. my sister planned a suprise MOTHERS DAY and ADVANCED BIRTHDAY party for my mum.. And it was a SUCCESS! *claps* yeay! YAHIOO! hahah.. yeah.. firstly, i told ma that Kak Nia was going to take us for a 'Mothers DayLunch' ahah.. and so it was 'supposedly'! :P Then, we blidnfolded her! HAH! She got all paranoid anda bit freaking out.. Me and Kak Nia expected ma to know the route to the Ara house even though she was blindfolded. But she didn't utter A WORD AT ALL! :] and when we arrived also.. she didn't realise the diff.. LOL.. and we hold her hands to guide her to the door.. and Aunty opened the door and all of the guests cheered, 'SURPRISE!" hahaha.. it was awesome.. Shiera, Rudhzaini, Kak Keena, Kak Zaza, Kak Aida was wasFUN! :P yeah.. spent talking and laughing with Shiera, Zaini, Maira and Ezra. Watching YouTube.. lol.. yeah.. and playing musical chairs! XD it was like back down Memory Lane! :") yeah.. i guess i gtg.. have a great week everyone! ok maybe a bad wish, but we'll get throught mid terms! : ) GOOD LUCK!

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