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Friday, May 22, 2009

2 Week Holiday Plans!

Hey there bloggerrs! :P i haven'tbeenon for a while.. yup just finish Mid Terms today! At last! : ) So.. the week ended well..... With Mid terms over and the crown of American Idol's season eight winner, Kris Allen!<3 Go team Allen! :) hehe... yeah... Hm.. oh yeah.. you guys! I upgraded my Fitness First membershipcard and i got the 'FirstClub' privelleges! So you guys can come with me to the gym on weekends for free! YAY! : ) yahoo.... sighs... what else???? lol.. oh yeah! I am so proud of YOU Aaron! Congrats to your band for the cover CD! oh.. speaking of Aaron, i want to go for his band's gig for this charity thing for SPCA! not only that, he got the solo part for his school's MUSCIAL! I'm so proud of you! XD hahah.. yeah ok Mye.. i'll think of songs! ; ) YAY! i can't wait for you to teach and collab with me! lol... ahh...need to go to GYM! tomorrow! ;) yeah... i miss everyone at the gym! lol.. it has only been 1 day! hahah.. oh yeah! I invited Uncle Shariff and the gang to come for hari K! yeay! :P ahaha..... what else??hmm...oh yeah.. still have to go for tuition...Oh yeah.. there will be a programme for Nirmala! Tash, i'll tell you the stuffy. I think i'll take Bio and Add Maths je la.. yup! Yeah..Uhhh... stomach aches! gah.. i should get my sleep! : ) okay then... bye.. ta people!

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