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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday La-Laughs :D

Okaaay.. hey.. this was suppose to be posted yesterday.. but iwas toooo... BLANK to post anything.. wasn't exactly in a mood yesterday... even today.. i don't know what's wrong with me lately.. i've been minimising my ability in 'talking'... it's like i don't really talk much nowadays.. i feel like i don't exactly wanna talk to anyone.. O_O' this is not good.. =_= awww..i pity Myra.. she's sick.. ;( Get well soon dear! : ) Yeah.. yesterday was like... :O lol.. idk how to explain yesterday.. it was ok.. 3/4 of my class didn't come! was peaceful and LESS noisy and annoying.. hahaha..yeah..then during Agama, Pn. Nura didn't come.. so we had to hafal our ayat-ayat.. then, me, Ami and Marissa started to talk about random stuff.. It was funny 'cause we talked about really random-random stuff... haha.. :P i think we talked about U.K. and then it ended up to Skins. Yeah i was like saying that i so wanna watch Skins but there's just too much 'SKINS'! haha.. yeah and Marissa said, "Tengok je la!" i was like then we talked about careers.. I was blurred out in what to be in the future.. Marissa wants to be a doctor.. but then she was like "kesian my anak, nanti takde orang kat rumah!" haha.. Ami wants to be a vetrinarian but me and her we suffer the same problem, parents will not allow to do what we want.. :'( yeah.. then we went backto class of course.. haa... Ashiqin didn't come.. but little that we know that she came at 12 just to go for orchestra! hahah.. she said that she sneaked in! LOL! apela Shiqin.. then we had like 'heart to heart' talk.. me, Hasmiera and Arnida.. we just talked about how harditis being a teenager.. duh.. i agree.. -_-" Teen angst.. hahah. taa.. bye..

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