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Friday, May 8, 2009

Time Like These I Wish I Was In U.K With My BFFS :"B

Yes.. talking about the 'title'i just realize that McFly is going to have a signing at Milton Keynes on the 14th of May 2009.. For all Sri Amanians *upper secondary* you would notice that it's on the first DAY of our Mid-Terms :O what the hell man.. That sucks.. -__-" why.. :( lol.. yeah.. how i feel so devastated.. aiii.. sighs.. I shall quote Yasmin Nisyah, "Oh well.." LOL.. yea yea.. macamla bleh pegi pun! :P hahah.. yeah.. today is FRIDAY! lol.. it's an OK-ish day.. i brought History instead of Chemistry 'cause i didn't know that we had to bring Chem stuff in the first place.. -___-" whatla.. but whatever.. ;P Yeah.. Cik Shazilla asked me to answer a Physic's question for revision and i got it right! lol.. i guess LISTENING to teacher actually helped!LOL.. j/k.. Cik Shazilla's funny.. :) At last i sent one of my Add Maths book! hahaha.. yeah Pn. Ilani is DAMN worried about my FORMATIVE..i pity her getting a lot of headache from us 4 Science Damaians :P.. yeah.. today..there were these students from SMK DU i think.. lol.. yeah they came to our school.. they were nice.. although it's not like i knew anyone of them.. though MYRA does! lol.. there was this dude who was from her tuition.. lol.. yeah... after that.. nothing happened...
Haha.. i shall continue in a few.. bye ta..

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