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Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Need To Love Hollyoaks! : )

Hello.. today.. as my friends would notice, i didn't to school.. i woke up late! -_-" i've been getting that lately.. O_O" Sighs.. i am going to have a HOMEWORK MARATHON after this.. yes.. and i don't know at what time i will go to bed.. gaggagaa.. lol.. :'( i need MY FORMATIVE! although.. i have to say it's bad in a way.. that it pampers us.. but at least we have to work for it to earn it! lol.. not like that's a bad either.. ok.. what the hell am i trying to say?? haha... oh yeah.. back to thetopic.. i am currently in love *more like in the mood to love* HOLLYOAKS!!! : )i need to ask Najwa for info.. lol.. i love Nico Mirallegro! he is sorry.i don't have his photo.. lazy la nak pg :P can go google what? just type NICO MIRALLEGRO : ) Chris Fountain is okaay.. lol.. :) Emma Rigby is pretty! I agree with Myra! The 'Backstage of Hollyoaks' ft. McFly waass funny!!! Tom was adorable holding the script! : ) Danny!! Cute like hell.. the way he acted.. lol... yeah... Hmmm.......... what else? oh yeah.. Exam's coming.. -_-" sighs.. speaking of exams.. i have to STUDY! :O im not like Myra of course.. i won't put my blogging on hiatus.. lol.. i have to at least update about something.. it's me! i just need to get it off my chest.. haha.. okay then.. tomorrowo is homework sending time! : O WISH ME LUCK! : ) Ta.. nights..

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