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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's The First Day of Holidays : )

Hey there! It's the first day of holidays! Random..i shall run you through my daily DOINGS : )
I woke up like at 11a.m... Thank you Sush for waking me up! LOL.. yeah.... very tired and i don't know why... thank god i had time to get ready and have breakfast before meeting up with Uncle Shariff for PT. ahah.. yeah.. sorry again Poh Lian for not attending St. John's Gathering this morning.. too lazy and had to go out.. : ) yeah.. then got up and charged my phone and went to eat breakfast... kak nia wasn't a home.. she went out.. dad wasn't around.. he went to London, Canada and China. :'( lol.. yeah.. have fun dad! :P yeah.. then i drank an overdued milk that my driver bought.. :''O yuck! it was sick yo..XD yeah.. and then my cereal wasall messed up because of that! so yeah.. then went to the gym with Ma.. did warm up and met up with Uncle Shariff! : ) I'm surprised that he could make laugh today! :') lol.. seriously la.. when kak nia's busy, he's like my other elder sibling! : ) except that i call him 'UNCLE' hahaha.. yeah.. Like Sandra would say, 'The Gym Family' :'D yup.. i love it! Uncle Jacq, Uncle Jo, Shar and Uncle Nick was there.. i did Muay Thai with Uncle Shariff! Awesome.. dapat lepaskan geram koot! :P hahah.. then went back home to pick up my handphone 'cause i left it at home to charge it.. Yup.. then mum and I head to The Gardens! :D Ate at Delicious... then i went to buy new shirts at Graffitee! : ) then met mum's friend Aunty Fatimah Yeop.. had tea with her..i keptgetting my headache after reading..O.O' aiii.. yeah.. and now at home.. just finish eating Subway.. and was listening to songs.. i need to get Uncle Shariff''s iPod loaded man! XD hahah.. he wants it by Monday! :P yeah.. i should go.. shall update on my second day of hols tomorrow! Bye, nites and TA! : ) p/s:

Welcome Back Tash : )

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