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17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

School's Back; Damn It!

Hey there.. Yup.. school starts tomorrow.. assigments done, just need to sent it.. :O test papers are going to come back SADLY.. well.. for me.. XC I am not looking for my finished results! At least i want my CGPA to be 3.0! i need to seriously maintain.. but i think THIS TERM, i screwed EVERYTHING! Mum and Dad's so going to kill me... sighs.. but what's done is done yeah? What are the upcoming events?? ?_? oh yeah.. Dad's birthday is coming! : ) yeay! what else? hmm... oh yeah.. Rangers Installation is coming up! MYRA! don't forget! this Wednesday yeah? : O what else?? oh yeah! Hari K, Hari Koko! How ironically it's on Tom's birthday! Awww, he's going to turn 24!!! : ) yay! lol.. what else? oh yeah.. BB Scouts' Campfire.. I was thinking of not going at first.. but then again, i'll go to support Sean! : )Yeay! So.. yeah.. holidays are done! Woo... okay got to go spend time with family! Oh and advanced happy Fathers' Day Dad!!! :D

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