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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Misfortunes of The Week After Hols :O Tragic, No ; Unfortunate, Yes, Please! : (

Hye.. ignore my weird blog title.. stomach hurts a hell lot! -__-" sighss.. yeah.... first week of school after far it's been okaaay... nothing shocking happen really.. oh! except for the fact that the school is demolishing the tennis court for the 'new' swimming pool! =.=" what the hell man.. okaaay.. that's sad man... all this while parents have been complaining about the condition of the court but the school didn't approveof it... because it's too expensive they say.... -___-" whatever la.. i'm going out of the school already anyway... that sucks... a lot of things suck after the holidays... Pn. Nitce's sick with chicken pox! Hope you'll get well teacher! : ) Rangers' Installation was cancelled AGAIN... this time it was due to the HALL not being available for us because of the musical drama rehearsals... well.. ok then.. what else? oh yeah, Uncle Amin got hurt in the gym after his fall and Uncle Shariff saved him and took himto the hospital.. I hope you'll get better Uncle Amin.. :) then later on Uncle Shariff himself got his ankle sprained.. Me and Amirah lostour books... she lost her Chem book and Maths.. i lost my Maths book and i borrowed Kimberr's book to copy the previous hmw supposedly i was suppose to send it TODAY.. but sadly i was suffering with my damn stomach ache... O_O" oh dear... -__-" great... yeah.. so far that's it... let's end this yeah? ta bye thenn..

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