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Monday, June 29, 2009

Indie Chefs and Boys Like Girls : )

Yahhhoooo! I have successfully baked my first batch of Chocolate chip cookies! hahhaa.. very the jakun mannn!! ;D yeah... these cookies are supposedly for the Humanitarian's hari Koko sale..yeah.. awesome! I hope Karthi likes it.. lol.. yeah.. Sash helped me with the baking.. we called ourselves the Indie Chefs! hahah.. yeah because we are INDEPENDENT get it?? hahaha.. lame.. but cool enough.. to be certified?? will you consider us Jamie? :P or maybe Nigella... hahaha... :D yeah.. i can't wait to ask Myra to try! I hope she likes it!! Oh Tash! I shall bake another batch for you when I see you yeah!!! You also another woman must try! ahahha.. yeah.. it'll just be funny if Miss Nirmala ask me, "Baizura, how did you spend your Monday night without tuition?" I will be like, "Uhh... i baked cookies teacher! 8)" hahha.. yeah.. OH MY GOD! Citizens of the world!!! Boys Like Girls have released their new song! it's called , 'Love Drunk'! it is soo AWESOME! Well.. to me at least.. hahah.. yeah.. Their second studio album, LOVE DRUNK will be released on the 8th of September!!!! :O hahaha.. yeah.. awesome can't wait!!! :'') i shall ask my dad to buy! lol.. i am soo mean.. hahaha.. yeah.. well ok.. gotta go finish Physics homework!! bye.. ta nites..

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