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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

School Unattended ; Result : I Didn't Know What Happened In School, except..

Sri Aman's Hari K '09 is CANCELLED???!! -__-"

SO yeah... that's what i found out from Myra... and what?? why?? because of H1N1 :O in a way... that IS quite a reasonable excuse... lol.. well.. whatever.. Damaiii haven't even plan that well.. so at least we don't have to waste money! And our health won't be at stake! hahah.. yeah... Wednesday.. OPEN DAY yeah... my dad came.. mum went to visit her former boss to give him her.. what the hell's that word in ENGLISH? hahaha.. LOL! ummm.. it's 'takziah' yeah.. that! hahah.. what-LA.. in English also tak tau! :P yadayadayada.. so yeah.. than dad came quite early! so he waited for me and Pah at the Serambi.. so then we went to meet up with Cik Shazilla... sadly and EMBARRASSING-ly....teacher told my dad that I am *quote her* "Baizura, sedikit malas.." I have to say.. this time the teacher embarrassed the student..usually it's PARENTS! LOL.. but.. my parents are somewhat quite cool... hahah! they're still oldies la... LOL.. even though they don't look old! : ) cool huh? XD lol.. yeah.. well that's about it I guess.. i got a day off by Uncle Shariff.. because of my complain about my massive headache and feeling like throwing up.. :''O lol.. yeah.. was having fever! so.. yeah.. i guess.. i'll update later! ta bye..

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