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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday Was Funny and Artistic : )

hey there.. i am suppose to blog about my dad's birthday.. but i havent blog about Friday soo'll just gonna be a few minutes of Friday.. haha.. yeah. Friday was awesome.... as usual.. i thought Shiqin tak datang but then she came later for Add Maths and orchestra... yeah.. 3/4 of the class weren't in class.. most of them were involve with the 'I Have A Dream' musical.. lol.. can't wait to watch!! yeah.. Friday was..okaaay la.. i brought History instead of Chemistry! -__-" yeah.. we didn't have any experiment... teacher said noo time.. i thinkk... lol.. yeah.. then, was hanging a lot with Amirah, Marissa & Mas.. they are soo hilarious... : ) Marissa ask me for help to design Lydiya Razan's birthday card... lol.. i was flattered that Amirah puji-ED me.. lol.. :'') thank you.. lol.. i usually don't take 'pujians' but i shall take-LA for once.. XD yeah.. so i designed Lydiya's birthday card... then Marissa, Amirah & Mas coloured it and coloured the polka dots so calledtobe 'Hollywood Lights'! : ) oh yeah.. i know we don't talk to each other but happy advanced birthday Lydiya! lol.. i'm too nice! it's nice of Lydiya's boyfriend to think of that idea.. yeah... than i just chit-chatted with the three of them and yeah.. that's all.. in tuition as usual... Najwa tak datang! i read your blog Naj, hope your leg gets better! yeah.. in Sejarah as usual the guys crap.. they are weird seriously : Aravind, Izzul, Norvin, Brandon & Jai.. me, Sand and Div laughed our ass off every week because of them!! lol.. serious clowns la especially Izzul & Brandon...yeah.. that's all about Friday! lol... : ) now about Saturday!!

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