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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Birthday Bash! : )

hey.... i had an awesome time during dad's birthday... : ) i woke up early by Sash's phone call.. saying she has to babysit Ryan for awhile.. before going to the 'bash' : ) then, i was like okaay Sush..later got ready to go out and get the cakes! yeah.. apparently mama decided to have to cakes because i liked the Marble Cheese cake whilst she picked her all-time fave Carrot Cake.. :P lol.. i don't fancy anything that has to do with carrots apparently.. unless Sush or Uncle Shariff forces me to eat! lalala.. then... we picked up Sush to go help carry the cakes and bought some take out for lunch.. haha.. and then.. me and Sush just chilled most of the time while chit-chatting a lot! i miss talking to her! lol.. i see her everyday in school! lol.. haha.. yeah.. then, we got a news that Uncle Shariff & Uncle Johan was coming! i was excited.. lol.. then me and Sush were more excited when we found out that Mye was coming! yeay! Thanks Myra's bro for sending her! : ) I owe you durian Myra, dear! then yeah... uncle Shariff and Uncle Jo's weird to be honest to see trainers out of the gym, in normal clothes and eating a HELL LOT! lol.. seriously both of them were like Jughead from Archie! :O lol.. yeah.. Myra then complimented that Uncle Shariff looks better in person! lol.. mye.. yeah.. true.. he looks better in person.. basically both Uncle Shariff and Uncle Jo kept me, Mye and Sush laughing like hell the whole time they were there! lol.. then.. i'm happy for the fact that Mye and Sush got along with Shiera! : ) yeay! lol.. :D except for Zaini of course.. mye don't worry.. Zaini feels bad about what happen 3 years ago.. he apologises 'cause my other cousin dared him.. he didn't mean too! : ) he's a good guy when you get to know him, although he's just a bit random at times!! haha.. so far everything was awesome! i love the present that Maisarah & the family gave.. it was handmade cards written by her, Nurin & Eya.. drawings by Uncle Nasir and idea by aunty yah! : ) <333

Whatever it is I LOOVEE MY FAMILY and FRIENDS and 'TRAINERS' ; ) <33
You people are AWESOME : )

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