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17th: Ezra's 9th :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It Was An EMO-nday For Me : (

Yeah... don't mind me.. i was really EMO on Monday.. sighs.. yeah.. apparently i knew i could see it coming... to be honest-LA... LOL.. yeah.. so just as I saw the paper Pn. Ilani had pass around, it was like BAM! "I FAILED FREAKING ADD MATHS!"what the hell yoo.. sighs.. so then.. the EMO-ing began.. i was on the verge of crying but I got over it with the help of Pah & Dia... i didn't have time to tell Mye.. she had to go for duty.. so i just said goodbye.. yeah.. then after school i went tp Sash's for tuition with Mr.Chan.. i missed HU Meeting.. i feel well bad man.. i think Karthi is not happy with me.. another reason to be worried about.. -_-" aiyyo.. yeah.. so just had laughs with Sash at her's while watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' soo yeah.. that made me feel better-LA.. so-so.. but i was still EMO.. lol.. hahaha.. i suck at EMO-ing don't I? XD hahha.. yeah.. then i went back to go to NIrmala plak.. soo.. yeah.. i came quite on time.. met up with Sean.. talked to him.. he wondered why I didn't attend Samad's Campfire.. I just told him that I had my dad's birthday bash.. so yeah.. soo jealous of you la San Vei Sean!! :P He said it was like clubbing! LOL! haha.. and Satyan was the M.C.!cool.. yeah.. damn you Sean.. lol! But we had our pwn clubbing right Mye? at Sri Sentosa.. and Sean and his troop plak weren't able to come! LOL! yeah.. so I wore all black.. supposedly to make Miss Nirmala NOT notice me.. and apparently she didn't calledmy name AT ALL! wow! it worked! omg! lol.. hahah.. yeah.. i felt quitea relief of not getting called up.. i needed my 'ME' time to unwind.. soo Aaron apparently made me laugh! Soo.. yeah.. with his funny antics and stories.and he and Izzul's way of tormenting kept me quite sane.. but almost on the verge of going high on laughter.. lol.. those two ahh.. lol.. find so many ways to torment me.. haha.. yeah i guess that's all ta byeess

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