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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Third Day of Holidays!

Hey there...yeah.. third day of holidays was/is on Monday! : ) And yes....Monday was the day i had to wake up early BEFORE Poh Lian comes.. but i ended up waking up when she ARRIVED in front of my house! =__=" What la deiii... lol.. yeah.. so yeah, we ate before we went to the gym.. i ate oats today! at last... lol.. yeah.. but it is chocolate flavoured.. idk if Uncle Shariff would allow... -__-" ahh.. screw it la.. lol.. sorry Uncle Shariff... ;) yeah.. so we went to the gym... Poh Lian was so excited! :D we had a few problems... the management is kinda strict.. so yeah... we started up with warm up..we did all of the cardio machines EXCEPT for the 'Stepper'..'cause it the MOST TORTURING one EVER in the history of cardio machines... LOL.. yeah.. i absolutely avoid that every single time i go to the gym to go do cardio.. yeah... :P uh huh.. after CARDIO-ing, me and Poh Lian took a shower before Shar gave Poh a brief tour in the gym.. especially the PT Corner.. 'cause it's only for members.. :) so.. yeah.. Poh Lian was so AMAZED! Sadly she just met Uncle Shariff and Shar.. She said Uncle Shariff is cool and nice... Aww.. ; ) hahaha.. yeah.. but she didn't get to meet Uncle Jacq and the rest! lol.. that's okaaay.. next time.. after gym, i sent Poh back to her grandma's house near Sandra's house! near! hahah.. we ate on the way.. we ate some bread with sausages.. yumm.. lol.. :P then, i went off to KGNS to meet up with the Aunties, mum and Maisarah... yayaya. watched videos on iTouch.. while eating then went back to the gym for Muay Thai.... sighs.. tired la I TELL YOU! but FUN! :B then before Chem and Physics, Tash surprised me when she came with Sand and Div.. :) then yeah everything ended okay-LY... lol... :D okay then.. ta bye...nites..

p/s: Yeay! Aaron's not going to Aussie! :P lol..maybe then I can go for his band's gig at SPCA for the Charity Performance thingy.. : )

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