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Friday, September 4, 2009

This Is What Happens When Rockstars Are In Malaysia :D

Yup.. THIS is what happenend when Boys Like Girls came to Malaysia for MTV World Stage Malaysia '09 :) Oh, and the sources of the pics areof course from Martin's Twitter :) url:

SO HOT... I meant HIM ;) He's so FREAKING TALL *SIGHS* :)

AWESOME Guitar.. :) John!! LOL.. hahha

FUNNY.. He came to Malaysia, but ate McD =.=" HAHA.. lol.. ape la Martin ;)

Is it just me, or most rockstars wear glasses? And I thought that ALL rockstars have perfect 20-20 vision :P

Team Paul DiGiovanni :) haha.. COOL.. They were playing Sunway! :O

Hahah.. Martin LOVES our money :)


OMG.. Hunny Madu with Martin! -__-'

Team Martin Johnson :)

Waaah! Sempat kot nak tangkap gambar ngan the Sunway Lagoon Duck! :P Hhahaha.. Whatla!
DAMN you duck.. Even YOU met Martin Johnson! WTF! But sooo ADORABLE :)

Bowling with Boys Like Girls & the Crew of Fly Fm :)

The AWESOME HOT photoshoot :)

okay.. ta... bye.. Selamat Berpuasa everyone :) Jangan ponteng! :P

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