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Monday, September 7, 2009

Are We Forgetting Someone?

Hello... it's a holiday today.. I like this.. hahah.. So lazy to go to school tomorrow.. So tired.. but life has to go on.. :O Yeah.. Aaron has been AWAY for like 2 Weeks already.. feel so weird without him around... :( Seriously classes is less interesting without him.. hahaha.. Even Kathleen agreed to it.. hahah.. Oh yeah his 'partner in crime' also didn't show.. XD hahah.. yeah, according to Sean & Jeffrey, Izzul can't wait for you to come home Aaron! :P ahhaha.. LOL.. yeah.. buka puasa at Nirmala.. ALONE.. ah.. nevermind.. not coming for Chem next week I think.. mum won't let.. -.-' Sighs.... very left behind.. or more like Miss Nirmala's just too fast... or I'm too slow... nah.. she's just too fast.... school is too slow.. jeez... can't we all go at the SAME freaking pace please?? =.=" So yeah.. i had leftover apples.. I divided them and gave to Sand, Div, Sean & Jeffrey... Wai Joon didn't want.. lol.. so i took the last piece! :P ahhaha so yeah... Then.. before I went home, walked with Sean & Jeffrey... gave Sean his & Izzul's souvenir.. the 2 Greece keychains.. :) Hope he and Izzul likes it... I didn't know what to give them... since they're GUYS.. so yeah.... they ain't like Aaron.. i would've bought them those bracelets that guys wear..hahhaa.. but that ain't them.. ahhaa... okay.. ta... BM oral... sleepy..


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