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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tormented ;D

Hello.. I need to sleep in a few... hahaha.. was annoyed with Blogger because it sucked.. So now, it's fine.. : ) haha.. Okay.. was watching David Blaine.. He's COOL! Althugh I wanna see Keith Barry! a.k.a The Irish Freak ;) HE's HOT and an AWESOME MAGICIAN :D Okay.. that's not the point of the post.. I am so EAGER to get the TORMENTED DVD :O I love Dimitri Leonidas ;) He plays Alexis in Tormented.. he's Greek+British XD ahhaa.. okay.. there's some of the pics that I collected :)

The cast of Tormented :) Larissa Wilson & April Pearson are also in the movie! Oh btw, they're from Skins :) and Alex Pettyfer is also in here.. :) Dimitri is sitting on the grass!

Them Tormented people! :O Hhaha.. Basically they're the one's who are going to get 'tormented' by the ghost.
Front Row: April Pearson, Alex Pettyfer, Larissa Wilson, Tuppence *forgotten her surname!* & Dimitri Leonidas :)

Interview with BBC Radio 1 :) L-R: April Pearson, Thomas Hopper*I think!*, Dimitri Leonidas & Larissa Wilson :)

This is in earlier part of the movie, during a party after that dude's death... it's FLASHBACK.. and Tuppence & Dimitri are in love :')

Tuppence & Dimitri :)

Dimitri,Tuppence & Larissa :)

The Tormented class :O

The poster! -.- everyone looks weird! Even Alex! :B

This is FREAKY! =.= The trailer is PSYCHO.. Well to me ;) hahhaa CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT!

okay then.. ta.. bye..
p/s: going to miss tuition.. DAMN. but what the hell. haven't seen Aaron in a while though.. :( nites LAMEllas oh how I MISS-NOT MISS class already ;')

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