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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kill Me You Can't ; Torture Me You Can

Damn you Aaron Lim Jit Yang
yes.. if you're wondering why i am DAMN-ING this guy here is because he and his 7 year old cousin prank called ME! -.- Yeah.. not exactly how i wanted to end my Thusrday night.. I am soo going to get him when I see him during our outing! I shall post the 'PRANK CALL CONVO' later.. Too ANNOYED to do anything NOW. ahaha. but I shall dedicate the picture below to you Aaron dearest ;) HAHA.

Just use your 'IMAGINATION' Jake and Billy is Aaron and his cousin and I am the Grim Reaper :) HAHA.

LATERDAYS Aaron Lim Jit Yang.
you're such an AIRHOLE :)

-Have fun when you kill time 'cause those are the few moments left for you to waste-

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