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At the age where I'm starting to appreciate life more than I ever did compared to when I was back in high school. So, I'd say, give life a chance, and it might just surprise you in all sorts of ways :D

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Define Fun ; 'Cause This Is How I Define It Honey :D

Oh yeah. I define FUN in these WAYS ;) :

I wanna do that :) Curse anyone who's in my way :) More like this is what I'll do to those FUN SUCKERS :) oh yeah.

Yes. Have fun being you because when you decide to be someone else, now is the last chance to be YOU.

Oh gramps. Haha. That's okay. At least you gave something to the boy :) He should be more damn thankful. Damn you fun sucker KID :)

This is a lesson to those who advice others for the better ; Although look at yourself first :) You should just take that advice that you gave for yourself :)

Wee. I wanna feel the tocklosh feeling of FUN :)

LOVELYS and LAMElla's Let's do that shall we? :)
Oh how ILY all :)

defining FUN is like that to ME ;)
how about you?
give life a chance, and you might just find that there's a whole lot more than just daily routines :) LATERDAYS.

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