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Monday, October 12, 2009

Smiggles and Coach :)

I might not be that satisfied about my Add Maths paper today... but whatever... i shall not think about it anymore... haha.. I shall concentrate on scoring for my paper one.. :B GRR. hahah.. Yeah.. Um, yeah. Haven't contacted Tash AT ALL.. SORRY DEAR :( well... at least she's coming home for the holidays.. that's what matters :) hehe.. yeah.. okay.. well... don't really know what to concentrate for Bahasa Melayu tomorrow.. I hope what Pn. Zainab taught us just a few weeks ago will come out.. 'cause it's still fresh in my brain... okay maybe NOT.. but OKAY-LA ;) haha.. yeah.. I told Sash about the invitation for Prom.. this year... APPARENTLY i got invited ;) haha.. I feel.. HAPPY! lol.. but then again a bit WEIRD... O.O Macam tetibe je ;0 yeah.. Pharvishaa invited me :) YAY. It's on the 22nd of December '09 at Renaissance Hotel and kwinky dink, it's my SISTER's BIRTHDAY! :) hahah.. maybe can celebrate there no? Then I'll be able to go to prom as well... thought of asking Sash, Myra & Tash.. you know.. saje.. for fun.. I go for the food anyways ;) hahhaa.. :D yeah.. but see first la if I'm not going to London yet.. yeah.. holidays in then.. :) DOUBLE YAY! hahha... Might be going to Rome & Barcelona.. if we have time :O but see if Dad's going.. gah. Dad seems to have his 'ANNUAL' conference in London, Brussels & Berlin.... jeez... Can't that man take a REST! ahhaha ..... but I'm proud of him... LOVE YA BAPAK ;) okaaayy.. I'm talking waaay out the topic.. yeah.. okay... i shall scoot along now.. need to get Kit out of the house.. he's falling asleep while I'm doing this! ta bye..Semoga berjaya untuk Bahasa Melayu korang :)

p/s: Dad bought me a PRETTY Coach sling bag ;) and SISTER bought me SMIGGLES' stationeries :) YAY.. and MUM bought me NEW TEES :) YAAY :) but:

-let's turn that frown upside down and find a reason to keep on smiling until another rain cloud passes by :) -

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