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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Saya Rindu Awak Pasal Tu La :D

Hello.. Just a short one before I go off and blast my head Chemistry mega rays... hahah.. yeah.. I miss you Kak Nia.. pelik ah Kak Nia takde :O Even Bapak takde pun WEIRD! hahaha LAME. hahah.. okay.. this is not membodek okay? This is SERIOUS. hahah Serious la sangat kan? CHEH.. nudge2 I'm such an AWESOME sis ;) Well duh.. I AM. I didn't ask for anything from both my Dad and my sister.. I DON'T KNOW what to ask for that's freaking PROBLEM. OMEGA CHI. hahah.. yeah... So.. yeah... Uncle Shariff wants an iPhone... I might get it for him.. If he wants is it THAT BADLY.. I mean.. with Qayeisha and all.. and Aunty Azura ain't at work because she's still in LABOUR PAINS.. haha AFTER LABOUR PAINS... haha.. okay... AWKWARD.. yeah.. so.. i don't know if he still wants it.. See la.. :) I'm willing to! After what he helped me through this WHOLE year.. :) haha.. he got Qayeisha & Aunty Azura :') AW. ahha.. yeah.. okay la.. mum's in the room.. so i shall crack my head stuffing all of the things CHEMISTRY related hahah and Let's hope that I'll get through Chem tomorrow without shedding a TEAR. HA. Can't really guarantee that now can I? LOL.. okay Ta bye nites :)

Insyaallah,if I'll get good results for End Year Exams and I'll owe myself something :)
I miss you Kak Nia & Bapak :'O

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