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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Greek Oh Greek :B

Hello.. yeah ignore me... I have been THAT addicted to Greek... not to mention Sash... well, she got it from me XD haha but she loves it! hahah Yeah... it's a DRAMEDY :) cool... i love DRAMADIES :) Drama + Comedy = satisfaction :) currently listening to Every Avenue's 'Tell Me I'm A Wreck' I miss EA.. hahha.. I think their new album is out.. lol.. It's not like they sell it here in Malaysia.. Lol.. but then again I'm NOT as RAJIN as Esmerelda to order online.... Nah.. Me and Myra agreed that:
1. We are not as rajin as Esmerelda :)
2. Parents would nag because we have to use their money to buy
3. The price will increase as they come in to Malaysia because of the freaking shipping TAX =.=
4. LAZY. :)
hahha.. so yeah... we'll stick to PIRATING :) Dahla Sash is known as Cheapo :) haha.. yeah... we are that LAME. But our lame is AWESOME :) Yeahh.. as you can see I'm slightly procrastinating on Bio books.... and anyway having my monthly sickness ain't going to help me concentrate 100% haha... I hate you PERIOD. I NEED to Read Bio.. but I'm just doing questions now.. later I shall read through the ones that I got WRONG. :) heheh.. I'm good.. I'm still studying.. Yeah.. I seriously can't wait to finish EXAMS *well of course i don't want to die but i just want to get through it ALIVE and in ONE PIECE :)* i wanna chill but we still have a few chapters for some subjects... So i STILL have to come..but yeah.. i DO want to school.. I find nothing interesting to do at home... Except catching up on sleep of course ;) hahah well okay.. ta bye.. Bio Books are calling my name :)

Oh Scott Michael Foster how me and Sash LOVE YOU so MUCH :)

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