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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project January : Day 06 Delayed :D

Evening to y'all. Haha. It has been a SHORT WEEKEND. Like DUH. LOL.. haha. SO homework's almost done. So yeah. Updating my blog is my number 5 priority now! LOL. NUMBER 5! -.- So much for making it SPECIAL. but yeah. This is my Day 06 post for the Project January. So this time is things that tickle me fancy.. So i am kinda clueless about what that means.. But i think it's just those random things that make you go OOH. i guess.So's mine!

I have a confession to make:
I was once ADDICTED to TOASTERS :)

This is a pic of a toaster that I found last year. It prints out a LADY's FACE when the toast is DONE! LOL. Magic? No. It's TOAST.

Next is my dearly beloved, Sims 3 Limited Edition Toaster! Who wouldn't want to feel like a Sim in the morning eating Simlish Toast! ;) LMAO.

OMEGA. Lis would so LOVVEE this! haha. Yeah. It's SO UBER CUTE. I should get this for Lis on her birthday! haha. If i find one :) haha. Don't you just lovvee it Lis?

Ta da. Anyone loves HIPPIE? Yeah. This is a hippy toaster in design. :) So colourful and fresh! Doesn't it just wanna wake you up for morning good toast?

This is something that Tom would LOVE. The guys should get him this for his 25th birthday! haha. Myra get Tom this :) This is good for his Star Wars collection. :)

FROGGIE! haha. This is soooo DAMN adorable i tell you. :) I want this! Get me this for my birthday please? I miss eating TOAST anyway. I need some toast in my life :)
This so cute. A toaster popping in to say MORNING! :) I want thiss!! :(

Back to you...BOB. Haha. Dawson's Creek line :) I thanking Allah that life is not ONLY about TOASTER. Jeez Bob, get a life! :) haha. The NET is better!

Hee. The toaster from the movie, 'The Adventures of The Talking Toaster!' WEE. I miss watching it!

oh Garfield. You can never be wrong. ;)

Aww.. i pity this dude. Haha. He turned into a toaster and he can't turn himself back into a human! :O haha. Aww.

I want this PENDANT! so CUTE! :)

HOTDOG TOASTERS! COOL! :) i'll never see toasters the same way ever again!

And lastly. the glass toaster! :OO I want! then i can see it toast to its borwnly perfection! :)

off to Day 07 :)

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