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1st : Saras' 19th :)
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7th : Vivonne's 19th :)
8th: AJ's 19th :)
22nd: FutureProof at Camden Barfly, London :)
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Project January : Day 07 Delayed :D

Hello Sunday. I hate you because you're buddies with Monday. DAMN. HAHA. Okay. Just been updating my Project January. I'm STILL DELAYED. mother of jellyfishes. haha. Spongebob! :) Okay here is DAY 07 which is the PHOTO that makes me HAPPY :) in MY case, PHOTOS :)

Here I am.. During my Sweet 16. It wasn't big. But it was awesome and worth it :) I had my family and friends there: Myra, Sash, Poh Lian, Saras, Gon, Iman, Alianna, Aziatul, Pah, Sean and Izzul, THANKS AGAIN for coming :) You guys are awesome! Thanks to my neighbours too, Effy! Oh yeah and not forgetting Uncle Shariff & Aunty Azura! :)

Wee. Thanks Myra for this creative work of art :) And yeah the girl on the card still reminds me of Syahidah! LOL. ;) Thanks for the pressie. I love the Element shirt! :) Thanks to Sash too for getting me GREEK Season 1! Thanks to all of you who gave me presents! :')

haha. This is Sean's work. he tagged me and his other friends on FB! In Sean's words:

4 Science Damai 2009 ; We Are The Cluster of Stars :) haha. YAY. LAMEllas in ACTION.

When Seemah brings her laptop to school :) haha. In the Chemistry Lab. Yeah. We were bored :) I LOVE OUR CLASS :)


Again, 4 Science Damai before Miss Seelan's departure :O We miss you TEACHER :)

Myra's openhouse 2009 :) YAY. haha. Met with Arina after how many YEARS? :)

My Sweet 16 group photo.
Thanks for coming again you guys :) <3

Tash :) miss you mum :) this was like during before PMR results :) TWO YEARS ago :) look how far we've come :D

TrEES Convention 2009 :) Wee. Kudos to Nad Abdul Harris for the photo! :)
L-R: Shiqin *Project Manager*, Me *Asst. Project Manager* & Amirah *Secretary*

Movie Day at Shiqin's :) I remember we watche I Love You Man and Pocong! We played Twister and Guitar Hero! :) YAY. Let's do it AGAIN Gon and Shiqin! :)

A few days before going back to Malaysia. With Abang Maje, Kak Lin Maira & Ezra. Wesfield, London. 2009. Miss you Maisarah and Ezra D;

off to do Website Report :)

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