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Monday, August 1, 2011

1st of August, First Day of Ramadhan :D

Dear Mental,
It is my first day of Ramadhan in London. ALONE. WOW. I seriously feel a tad bit weird not having my sahur and breaking fast with my family.
SIGHS. The life of a college student.
But nevertheless, I have some of my college mates to hang on to, throughout my fasting month here :)
Yesterday, me and Fesa went to Queensway to buy halal sausages and food stuff so that we have stock of food during Ramadhan :D
It was fun because I get to bond with my sonny. HAHA ;)
I also brought him to Covent Garden just to look around for some souvenirs that might interest him so that he can bring some home for his friends and family!
We also met Jeff and his cousin before heading off to Central :D
Then, we test drived boiling the sausages in our kettles ! HAHA, my so-called bright idea -.- HAHA. Somehow, it DID work! So YAY, HAHA, but then again, both our kettles ended up smelling like sausages -____-
Okay. So basically, that's pretty much it. Nothing else to report so far.
:) I'll update soon! Need to go buy food for buka puasa :D TATA.


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