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Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's An August Morning ; And It Sucks :(

hey there! good morning August! hahaha.. at last for months i've been waiting for this beautiful precious month.. :D i hope it's going to be a great month! : 0 HAHAHAH.. yeah.. so Dad went off to Istanbul last night.. :'( but that's okay, he's coming home in around two weeks or so.. just before my party! :D that's a good thing right? hahaha.. Tash is home.. sms-ed her last night but she didn't reply.. maybe she was tired..i know i was.. i was terribly tired yoo... i fell a asleep coming back from the gym, i feel asleep on the way to KLIA, i fell asleep on the way back FROM KLIA.. and when i reached home i just BAM! went to sleep straight without even changing my clothes! -_-' uh, yeah.. this is what I called Stressed Out But Was High All Day (SOBWHAD) it kinda sounds like sob! whadd?? lol..hahaha.. cool.. new acronym...yeah.. so Miss Seelan gave 4SDamai Orange Poppy Seed Cupcakes! YUM! thank you Miss Seelan! : ) and yeah.. i think me, Mas and Ili were the only one affected by the cupcake -_-" what the...... hahahahah.. so me and Mas were on high...we got like a damn headache! i was likeee.... whoa dude... :O hahaha.. yeah.. so my head was like numb... yeah.. Saturday morning, August 1st, it sucks 'cause dad won't allow me to go for The Biggest Loser Asia Auditions.. O_O' waaahhh... he said i'm still young... well.. okay i'll respect my dad's wishes.. sighs... i hate having these stupid weight issues... >"( it sucks.. ;O but whatever..i shall motivate myself la.. hahha.. well ok.. bored now.. need to practice my piano pieces! ta bye

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