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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7 Days ; Why Thanks A(H1N1)

ehh.. nothing else i can sayy.. haha.. yeah.. school's closed.. O.O! kinda weird.. but hahaha.. got to chill koot.. hahhaa.. yeah so.. exams will commence in two weeks! WOOT! AHHAA.. but still need to belajar pelajar-pelajar! hahah.. jiwang siall... ;P haha.. yeah.. so i guess i HAVE to think of what to do! laLOL.. hahahah... yeah.. yesterday Dia almost gave me a heart attack by telling me that Nick Hoult is going to be in New Moon.. i was like WHADDD??? haha.. but Sash clarified to me that it is the dude from Sweeny Todd.. :) hahaha.. still a HOTTIE! :D chhaha. lol.. yeah.. i found a NEW way to curse! what thee FAMILY! hahah lol.. yeah.. Thank You Bart Simpson :) soo hahha.. yeah.. thou shall play the piano now.. i bid farewell...
Ta dears : )

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