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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rewind, Pause , Play ; WAIT! There's Nothing Else To Say..

Isn't the sight just PRETTY?hahahah.. yeah.. i miss those kinda moments in life.... : ( lalalala... lol... basically..i am being very boring lately.. my social network has like dropped to 0 % apparently i realised that i talk.. but not as much.... more like snapping at people these days more like it and being very bitchy.... i have ISSUES.. like seriously.. i don't exaclty know my problem...i guess i'm just annoyed by the fact that my eyesisght's getting bad....... :O sighs..........
I have nothing to blog these days.... i realised that nothing interesting happened a few days back.. but a not so quite an obvious fact is that, I've been really moody this week.. and that.. is not exactly not that good..........unfortunately.. i am not exactly in the mood to do anything now.. now i'm thinking twice of going for BB's Campfire... although... then again.. i keep saying that..ya Allah.. please don't make me think twice!!! :O i really wanna go with Myra to Sean's campfire.. i wanna support him...uh... had a very torturing stomach ache since 9pm till 12a.m!!! -_______-' aiyyyooo.. but i can still sense it's 'presence'!! XO i haven't been able to have ME time lately..... ;( yeah... been trying tocall Tash... but she hasn't seem to be answering.... sighs.... yeah...installation is coming.. haven't tried my FULL-U.. nor did i memorise the PRA.... oh and... i also need to find my perfect theme song... even though i'm like 6 months late.... hahahah...oh.. Daena dear, i saw your 'Gossip Girl' vid! LOL. it's cool! and funny! well... i guess that's then?? ta bye nites people

oh and P/s: Daena, was that other in the video Shazmeer??

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